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My Back Is Killing Me


Hey all,
I've been a T Nation fan for a long time, I usually just read and laugh but now I need some advise.

I'm, 37 y/o, 6'2", 320. I just left the local Gold's and joined a power lifting Club.No mirrors or elevator music, just in your face heavy Metal.

It's all great but my lower back is starting to scream. (I know loose the beer belly) Anyone have good lower back movements a/o advise?


Are you getting any balancing ab work in there?


What are you doing that's hurting your back ?


Read everything by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson on this site. It'll take time but it will be worth it!
Neanderthal No More and Get Your Butt In Gear for starters. Check your form by reading their stuff of squats and deadlifts and rows and etc.


Yea I would definitely start working on the posterior chain (deadlifts and squats), but also devote part of your training schedule to core work for your abs. Some people think of ab training as crunches and that's it, but strengthening the core is about so much more. I think that as your core gains strength, your back problems will dissipate. Of course some people have degenerative back problems, and that's another story.


I find that when I haven't been doing enough abdominal movements to balance all the lower back work, my lower back gets damn tight. When I do more ab movements and especially front squats, everything gets better.


hyper extentions every day works for me.


V is a freak!!! A man to be reckoned with.
As for your back pain, are you already squatting/deadlifting? If so it might be a tightness of the hip flexor
(psoas) muscles may be pulling your lower back out of line. I have this problem frequently.

Stretch the psoas out really well, if it doesn't work you may wanna try ART.


According to one study (can't remember which, but it had won Swedish Volvo award) lower back pain was greatly reduced by performing hyper extensions. The trick was to hold the position for time vs. doing ordinary reps. So you might want to try that as well.



Make sure you are stretching your hips and hamstrings, and also be sure to properly work on your abs.

I just had a minor back injury (nothing serious, just soft tissue/connective tissue stuff, thank God) and that was the advice my chiropractor gave me (he is also a weight trainer and physical therapist).


I am thankful for all the info, again Thankyou.


The spine Doc, Stuart McGill indicates that strength is not the issue in rehabbing the back, but rather its endurance.


everyone says stretch this stretch that stretch this.

I garuntee that if you dont stretch everything(hip flexors, hammies anything) you will get an injury.

Make sure your core is strong before even thinking about deadlifting or squatting. you have enough wait on you as it is. leg raises are very good.

remember, if you stretch(take a half hour, like a yoga class, not a quick run through), you will be ok

if you do anything less then that, you will have an injury. pure and simple


Check out the Cressey/Robertson article called "Feel Better for 10 Bucks".

I had all kinds of back pain/hip issues. I was seeing a chiro twice a week - at $30 a pop. I read this article, got a foam roller and am now good as new.



Besides stretching, another thing you can do is take an ice bath after workouts, and use a heat pad before. But stretching is still the most important.


I thank all for all the back info.
The back was about 95%. Yesterday I tore My Pec. I went to one doctor and she was not sure what I should do so I'm going for an MRI tomarrow and going to a surgen on Tues.
The doctor I saw said I would need surgery but we'll see. This sucks.


McGill agrees. It isn't strength that is lost, its the endurance.
Seems funny that we go at it all balls out in our youth, seem to make gains despite our unfocused and nonsensical effort, then we age and learn how to put it all together. I get in trouble every time my youthful arrogance rears its ugly head and screams MORE, MORE, to me. Turtle V. rabbit.