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My Back is Killing Me!


so basically around my left teres major, minor and infraspinatus my back really aches all day and i noticed in my rear double bicep pose my left seems to be different then. just curious to see what it is and maybe a suggestion on what to do about it. was thinking it was maybe a pinched nerve!?!?


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Hmnn do you notice anything when actually training? pain? noticeable strength differential? I believe Ronnie Coleman has some sort of nerve issue where his strength was fine, he felt fine, but some nerve damage/impingement/something or other was the cause of some serious atrophy in the area.



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lol, I'm so gonna use that line when people ask me training advice.



thanks for the help and yes it is dull pain its been persistent for 1 to 2 years but more noticeable within last 6 months you can see the difference in my left compared to right dont u?


There really is no difference in the lats that I can see in that picture. What I do notice, because I have the same thing, is that your left arm seems to be able to go out wider than your right, although it may just be the picture.

In the picture it looks like your left trap is longer than your right. I have this issue as well, no idea what it is either.


Haha, wait a damn minute. You can't just throw that line out there and hope to get away with it. Where the hell did that come from. So random, but hey, I'm a Beatles fan, too, so I'll let it go THIS TIME. :wink:

I actually doubt that it's even a muscle length or size issue but possibly just an imbalance in posture due to uneven muscular tightness. I think he's just flaring his left lat out more which would give it the look of what you described. Who knows. Do you look normal when relaxed, way?


I agree, I'm just saying what it looks like.

And no, it's almost like my right shoulder is rotated more towards the front than my left. So to mimic the appearance I have to consciously pull my left shoulder forward.


You're welcome my brother.

Even though this is the net (and is quite full of BS at times). Your words hold a lot of weight when I come across them, due to you as a person and your professional background.


thats funny cause my left lat i have a harder time flaring it out mainly when i do the lat spread. i have to not pull out my right as far so it makes my left portionate to my right...


Go see a chiro.


I'm only one week into the Gironda 8x8 routine (8 sets of 8 with 30 seconds rest between) but thus far I have very considerably less pain-to-pressure in the left lat, RC, and serratus area than has been chronic for about the last year.

That is not enough to come to any final conclusion regarding myself, but I will post what happens further on -- there are 2 more planned weeks of this routine.

NOTHING else -- not deep tissue massage / neuromuscular therapy, not ART, not two-months-plus of avoiding all back work and doing the least-RC-stressing pressing work possible -- has given the degree of improvement I've had in the last week. And my problem sounds similar to what you describe, or if anything it was worse.

Though I did not notice aching during the day, but only pain to pressure, and starting more than 2 months ago, pain to DL'ing or any type of row, chin, or pulldown. As those exercises became impossible, while they didn't for you, for that reason my case was likely worse.

(I have been able to do them at the 35% 1RM now, however, after that long-layoff from aggravating exercises. But I doubt I could yet do say 50% 1RM presently without pain and probably re-aggravating the problem to where I again could not do them at all.)


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"nootraveller"? You should copyright that hahaha.


im not quite sure i understand why a workout routine would help improve muscle pain... heck if its tru i would try it but only if...