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My Back Hurts


So my back hurts....it hurts when I sprint, sometimes when I jump, and obviosuly doesnt feel 100% normal when lifting. It's my lower back, just the left side of the muscle hurts. I think I basically just like strained the muslce cause I was deadlifting heavy for a bit, and at the same time I was playing football with my friends at lunch for an hour everyday in a t-shirt while its cold outside. No warm up or anything. I think that's what did it.

I'm working out right now and don't wanna injure my back even more or anything by doing squats/deadlifts and stuff so I'm not sure what to do..and how can I get it to recover faster..AND could this be a bigger problem then just a strained back and I don't even know it?



dont even need to post about this.
if you have a problem like that...you should be at the doc!


OH shit eh...damn I didn't think it was in the need for the doctors. Won't it like go away though in like 2 weeks or so?...I'm putting Deep Cold on it and stuff before I go to bed and all. If i need to go to the doctor for this though I will..I just didn't think it was in the need for it..i think its just like a muscle strain that basically needs rest and all. Anyone else have any thoughts cause I really wanna get this healed as soon as possible.



Going to the Doc sounds like a good idea.

Would you say that you are tight through the posterior chain? (lower back, glutes, hamstrings, calves)
I have experienced pain on the right side of my lower back before and by doing some simple glute, piriformis and hamstring stretches the pain has subsided considerably. Look up some stretches and give them a go.


Stretch your hams and glutes.


Alright, well I'm only 16 years old and I dont think my hams are tight or anything because I can touch my toes easily without needing to ever pre-stretch or work into it. And I'm active and all, all the time so i have good dynamic flexibility. I definaetly just think its from doing heavy deadlifts for reps (and i really gutted out the reps) and from then playing football and all that..but who knows...any insights or other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



I injured my lower back 8 yrs ago doing seated cable rows. It's never been the same. I would get it checked in a weeks time. In the mean time, try using Motrin to relax the muscle and lay off back for a few days. Unfortunately mine has never been the same but I have it under control. Motrin is a staple in my meds kit, but it's only a band aid, not a fix.


Perhaps just deadlifting with bad form. Check out articles on DLing mechanics. You can still have tight muscles at 16. Can you touch your toes without rounding out your back? Also dynamic flexibility is great but doesn't mean that your muscles aren't tight. I have done martial arts for 20 + years and can kick above my head, with impact strength, without a warm up yet I would still consider myself tight through Hams and Glutes. Just a thought...


So I don't know what to do now. I was doing really good with gains in size and strength and now my back fuckss up like this. SO should I just continue to work my upper body...benches, chins, dips etc. and give my lower back a week off to heal and Ill stretch and all like that...what should I do to adjust...I cant just not workout cause I get restless incredibly fast.

Is the above idea a good thing to do or what do you guys think?..I think the best thing would be no squats and stuff like that to just give my lower back rest for a week and jsut work the upper body..unless you guys think otherwise or something else??




You didn't hurt yourself going heavy on deadlifts, you hurt yourself going heavy on poor form deadlifts!

No flame intended here. I've read a lot of your posts and it seems that you are a bit eager to sprint before you walk.

Get your back checked out by a chiro and do what is necessary to heal. Then when you come back to deadlifting do it light for a gazillion reps as frequently as possible. I know I sound like a broken record, but it bares repeating, perfect form first.

As a beginner you can handle relatively light deadlifts three times a week. Don't dare up the weight until you master the reps and feel fresh the whole time.

A lot of strength coaches will back this up by the way. The end result is more gains in a year then you can imagine. Take a look at right now for instance. How much can you deadlift injured? So by going heavy without developing a great technique you actually got weaker, way weaker as in injured.



Well like I'm in the middle of ABBH and like its good. I did 260x3 for the 10 sets and all and it was alright. I agree that I don't have the best deadlifting form and all. I really need to work on it, but like..I need some instructional videos and stuff.

I know theres lots of articles, and they really do help..I just don't even know if I'm doing deadlifts right, but I feel/think as if I got it right and all. Your completely right though.



Read Ian King's The Sacked Back.



dl- trust me, go to a chiro and get yourself checked out. If it turns out to be nothing, then you haven't lost anything. If it does turn out to be something however, the sooner you get working on fixing it the better.

I hurt my back lifeguarding at the beginning of the summer when I was 19 or so. Even though my father has a bad back and so do both my grandfathers I decided to wait til the end of the season to get it looked at.

Later that summer I torqued my middle/upper back lifting because I had no stability due to the injury in the lower back. Again, I didn't think much of it, hell, I was young and young people heal really easily.

Finally got my back looked at at the end of the summer and found out that the lower injury had caused not only the upper, but also destroyed the curvature of my neck. Sweet! Took the better part of a year to fix the lower back, upper's still a little tweaky, and neck cracks like a bitch. This is 5 years after the initial injury and none of it would be a problem now if I'd just gotten it looked at in the first place.

I know you don't want to stop your program now and possibly lose some strength but listen, you're young, you have plenty of time to get bigger and stronger. Think how much it would suck if in a year or 2 you can no longer dead lift at all due to chronic back pain, which could possibly have been avoided.
Sorry for the long post but I wanted to make sure I got my point across


The above (first) paragraph is a good idea. Bench presses, pullups, tricep work is cool to do. Avoid anything that will stress your lower back for 1-2 weeks and see how the pain is. If it was a little injury the pain will be gone. If it is a major injury, you will still feel some pain and that can determine whether or not you should see some kind of Dr.

If you're unsure of what exercises you should avoid and what you can do, just ask, I can compile a list.