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My back hurts


My friggin lower back hurts like a bitch. I beleive the problem lies in the fact that I have been slouching like crazy in my desk chair since I spraigned my ankle to elevate my foot. Well now that my foot is almost better I'd like to get back to heavy training for my leg days instead of doing high end rep stuff like I've been doing. Problem is I can barely bend over, I can't even put my socks on right in the morning, which affects deads, squats and what not. I think I strained my lower back muscles or something. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to make this problem go away quickly?


Stop slouching, genius.


I have genius, I pretty much had too to elevate my leg high enough at the time.


Start stretching your lower back and hip flexors regularly (several times a day). Be concious of keeping good posture throughout the day. Read Ian King's Out of Kilter articles.

That's about all the information I can give without more information from you. Just remember, it's not going to go away over night - you'll need to keep at the stretching for a while.


I can relate. One thing I've been doing in recent weeks is stretching my hamstrings...HARD...every night before I go to bed. Lying on my back, I pull each leg, one at a time, back over my head as far as I can, to the point of pain in the hamstrings, and hold it for 15-30 seconds. I do this 2-3x per leg. This seems to have made a HUGE difference in the way my back feels when I get up in the morning, especially after squats! Let me know if this helps!


yeah. lie down and then pull your legs tword you with bent knees. also, get it checked out. what happened to me is i didnt do anything about it, then one day in football practice got hit and i couldnt move for 10min. turns out, i have a herniated disk now. so yeah, get it check out, just in case. and stretch it. standing and touching your tows is good too.


Hey you're in luck!
Read Tampa Terrys excellent recent ART Report. Contains some pertanent information regarding back pain.

To summarise: As Patman suggests stretch your hip flexors but your back is probably stretch-weakened so don't stretch that any more but strengthen it. Try stretching your hip flexors every 45mins after sitting for long periods.
And maybe consider ART, it does sound very effective if you get someone who knows what they are doing.