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My Back Double Biceps Pose Sucks



My problem is when i do back double biceps pose, nothing pops out.
But when i do a side back pose a la Arnold, i see my upper back muscles very clearly.

Im completely obsessed with it. I've been on a diet for 3 months, i dropped from 93,7 to 84,5 kgs. My whole body got leaner, i am about to see my sixpack for the first time in my life but i cant say the same thing for my back.

I train in my basement gym. I do deadlifts both from floor and rack, old school corner t-bar rows, all variations of one arm rows, shrugs with 3 second squeeze at top, prone trap raises for lower traps and lately added neutral grip chin-ups since i became lighter.

can it be a genetical thing? i studied the fucking pose million times. i see 60 kg dudes on instagram and when i see their back double biceps poses i want to cry.

any opinions about my problem?


Facepulls. Not heavy, hold peak contraction.


Maybe you need to work on the pose.

It's not as straightforward as it seems.

Post a pic.



There are a lot of different muscle groupings in your back, and while you may look ok when youre all twisted and contorted a la Arnold, in the rear double bicep shot, you can't really hide any lagging areas.



i will post the pics tonight but when i look at serge a storms' avatar i think my problem is im still not lean enough.


Could also be a mix of muscle development and bodyfat levels. Also, many people find it hard to achieve the muscle/mind connection with their back muscles since they cannot see them. Post the picture.


Here are my back shots.
Now i clearly see that i have to lose more blubber in order to see some detail.


and the pose i hate


and my side chest


Yup , youre way too fat to see the detail you want.


what a heartbreaking comment :slightly_smiling:


that, and more muscle would help


Ya I know, but I wouldn't sweat it unless youre going for a hardcore fat loss phase.


a combination of too much fat and too little muscle


Not lean enough, and your back needs work, lacking width/thickness, definitely lagging behind the arms.

Ill second the guy that said strict form face pulls for upper back detail, good for your shoulders too so overall will improve your RDB. Just keep that rope high over your head and squeeze and release the shoulder blades real good every rep


Thanks for all the comments but i really dont think i have too little muscle on my back.
I will just keep dieting and training twice as hard and when i drop to 80 kg, the pictures will change dramatically. I will keep you posted and ask for your second opinion later on.


Arms look good. Back needs muscle, I'm sorry. Of course get lean enough and/or stand under an overhead light source and you'll always see more detail

One comment/question: Have you ever done deadlifts seriously (or heck rack pulls) during your training career? Your back has the "look" of someone who relies mostly on pulldowns for width and rows/shrugs for thickness.


you definitely do have too little muscle on your back. You've got a wicked set of arms which is great, but the way your physique is balanced just now means they detract from your back in the pose.

Also, getting leaner'll make the world of difference


ok, i will be back, leaner + bigger + better :slightly_smiling:

this thread motivated me as fuck.


Best plan of action. Trust me, this forum is a pretty good resource if you use it correctly. Can't wait to see future updates.