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My B-Day!!

Yo u fuckin meatheads!!! Dec 11th is my b-day!! What? You really couldn’t give a fat juiced up rats ass you say? Well , I don’t care either. I posted this so hopefully you can all chip in and buy me a fuckin cycle… we are like family here…a dysfunctional one, but still fam. So, either get me some gear, or post me a happy 23rd birthday…ok…I’m waiting…

Happy Birthday Bro…

Happy birthday bro. Hope 23 is as good to you as it was to me.

Happy birthday! You’re old enough to juice legally, get busy.

Happy Birthday you young bastard! 23 is just out of moms house.

then again, in the middle ages we died in our 30’s.

Heeere ya go. Happy birthday.

happy b-day bro. why not have your family purchase your cycle? Or have them just give you cash?

Happy birthday I’m 23 too, it’s a weird age to be in. You don’t really know where you stand in society, being 6months the wiser than you all I can say is, if you want to do something or have something on your mind that you want to do, DO IT NOW and not 6months time!!!

lmao jt had a great idea. the fam could do it then wrap it up with a cute little bow. maybe mom could your first injection for you. oh yeah, happy fuckin birthday : ). i just turned 30. enjot it now because it only gets worse. i just found hair growing out of my ear!

23? I think I was 23 once upon a time. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday, mine is just around the bend on the 16th. I will be 33 years old.

Hopefully your family will spring for some gear, or if you are really lucky, Santa will leave some amps in your stocking.

Happy 23rd
I remember 23, I also remember 32

That ear hair is probably from all the fina Drago1 :wink:

happy birthday! go bang a few 18 year olds for me.

actually, ill bang one in your honor.

Don’t know where you stand. You’re standing right on the border of still being able to bang teenage chicks and being considered dick-jackhammer to women in their late 20’s early 30’s. The best of both worlds. Enjoy.

Here is my birthday present to you. An appreciation for fine ass.

Happy birthday… Kinda sucks in a way. I could be your dad…

i think spook is my dad. now i know why i was born with a 22g pin in my ass. : )

and sprinkled dbol on your cheerios


…just call me Dad…(whimper)

Happy Day Bro!