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So, I've been getting questions about my avatar. It's my left bicep. I took another pic today in a different shirt at a different angle that is easier to see. Okay, now everybody knows.

Also, it's just the angle of the shot that makes it look the way it does.


Well thank god. I was about to call someone and ask where this new pic was.


that's pretty self explanitory...


If the questions bother you enough to have to start a thread explaining your avatar because people can't tell what it is, maybe a new avatar is in order? Maybe from a better angle or of something else entirely?


does this represent to you the opinion of biceps?


Fuck your Avatar, it's Heavy Thrower and Larry David that needs to constantly tell us where they got their Avatar from and who their Avatar pic is of.


Yes, guess this to me the accurate represent of biceps.


Wait...where is YOUR avatar from?


Our unquestioned Lord & Master General Zod is up for Alderman in my district. I help by passing out flyers.


OK cool.


Cool stapler. Swingline?




What man no ice for your water? How do you drink warm water? I could never do that, Wormwood now has the weirdest/coolest Avatar.


nobody has a cooler Avi than the Iron Dwarf

<--------------------I stole my new Avi from the cover of T-Nation.

It's the double headed Phoenix with the all seeing eye.

Very Freemasonlike.


Yep, and also get totenkopf to go back to his old avis.


Wormwood's Alien/Predator was my favorite. He wins the award for best avatar(s)


The new one with the Owls is better.


I disagree, the old one with the puke green wool hat from hell was the coolest.



I don't know. Alien/Pred was pretty funny. The owls are pretty cool too though.


In my new avatar, I'm the one on the left. Just so it's clear.