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My Attempt At Powerlifting

Bar 2X10
40KG X5
1: 50KG X5
2: 55KG X3
3: 60KG X4 - failed at 5th but didn’t think I’d get 2 reps so quite happy
Joker Set: 62.5KG X3
FSL - 50KG X10 - only just got 10th rep

DB Shoulder Press - 12.5KG 3KG Lateral Raises - 4X12

Cable Push Down - 2X12 @25KG, X12 @32KG X8 @38KG

Cardio - 300m fast jog/100m walk X2, 200M sprint X1 - 15 Mins

Bench -
40 X8
50 X8
60 X5
1: 65 X5
2: 70 X5
3: 75 X6

Incline DB 5X12
Seated tricep Push Down - 5X10
Lat pull down - 5X10
Cable Curls - 3X10 + Rows - 3X6 Light

Switched gyms and there are only 2.5KG plates so have to go up 5KG each week it looks like, could anyone tell me if this would be fine? Thanks


50KG X8
60KG X5
1: 80KG X5
2: 85KG X5
3: 90KG X7

Deadlift- 100KG 4X5 130KG X3
Leg extensions- 3X10
Weighted sit up - 5X10

Db Bench - 25-35KG 5X12
Bench - 50, 60, 70KG 3X12 TNG
Shoulder press - 30, 40, 50KG Work up then down - 5-10 reps for each
DB Rows - 25-40KG - 4X8
Hammer Curls - 12.5KG - 3X10

Decided to deload next week as lifts are starting to get a bit harder and aching more than normal

Squats - 4X5, 50, 60, 80, 90KG
Deadlift - 3X4 - 60, 100, 140KG
Bench - 3X5 - 60KG
Close Lat pull down - 3X12
Dips - 3X8
Face pulls - 3X12


40KG X8
60KG X5
80KG X5
1: 85KG X3
2: 90KG X3
3: 95KG X3 - didn’t go for more reps as doing jokers
Joker - 100KG X3

60KG X5
100KG X5
140KG X3, X1

Shrugs - 5X10


40KG X10
50KG X8
60KG X6
70KG X5
1: 75KG X5
2: 80KG X3
3: 85KG X1 - definitely got better as could never do paused rep for 85KG but didn’t go for another as no spotter
60KG X12
Rotator cuff - 10 Reps between each bench

DB Row - 4X6-12 @ 25-40KG
Close Lat Pull Down - 2X12

Incline bench - 5X12 @ 40KG
Flyes - 2X12

Seated Curl - 4X12 @10KG

Shoulder really hurting after and don’t really have anything for recovery, is there anything I could do for it?


40KG X10
50KG X6
60KG X6
80KG X5
90KG X3
100KG X2
105KG X2 PR
110KG 2X1 PR

Surprised I got 100KG as legs hurt so didn’t know whether to skip it and ached a bit the whole way through squats as well but wanted to try a PR before deload so I know my max Again

RDL - 60KG - 5X10

Weighted sit ups - 5X10
Rowing machine - 1000M

40KG X12
50KG X10
60KG X8
70KG X5
80KG X3
40KG X30


20KG X10
30KG 2X10
40KG X8
50KG X5
60KG X2
30KG X8

Curls - 5X10
Lat Pull Down - 4X10
Cable Row - 4X8

Flyes - 4X10
Shoulder press - 2X12

Definitely did to much today, also felt quite weak anyway. Finally deloading next week after putting off doing it for the past week. Any advice on how to deload correctly?

Bench - 50KG - 4X10
Cable Row - 4X12
Curls - 5X10 + Push Down - 3X15
Flyes - 3X15
500M Row + 3X12 Sit Ups

Everything Low intensity and easy enough to do all reps. Is this Too much for a deload as never really done one before?

Squat - 50KG X10, 60KG X8, 70KG X6
Deadlift- 60KG X10, 90KG X10, 100KG X8
Leg Press - 1X10
Calve Raises - 3X10
Row - 500M