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My Attempt At Powerlifting

Hello, I am new to this forum and have decided to start a training log for my first program. About Me - Age-16, Weight-170Lb. Best Lifts Are DL-150KG, Squat-100KG, Bench - 90KG X2 TNG, OHP - 70KG. I have been training for a year now and have been running a 5/6 day bro split for the past 11 months, I have now decided that I would prefer to start power lifting now instead.

Lifts 2 months later - Weight = 175LB. DL 165KG(+15KG), Squat 100KG X4/110KG(+10KG), Bench - 80KG X5(Paused)/85KG - Never did pauses so quite happy.

Day 1 -

Warm Up - Incline Treadmill - 5 Minutes, Leg Extension + Curl - 2 Sets Of 10 Reps, Dynamic Stretches.
5/3/1 Spinal Tap Squats -
Warm Up - 2X5 At 50KG, 60KG
- 2X3 At 55KG, 65KG
Working Sets - 3X70KG, 3X80KG, 3X90KG 5X75KG, 3X85KG, 1X100KG (Felt like I could get it, nearly fell at bottom but managed to get back up), 5X60KG, 5X65KG, 5X70KG.

Accessory Lifts - RDL - 3X10 At 50KG And Lunges - 3X8 At 20KG, Hanging Leg Raises - 5X10.

This was probably the best squat session i have had In a long time but torwards the end my form started to go and i started to ache, also I couldn’t use the squat racks as they were being used so had to use deadlift platform with another bar which I always hate and seem to struggle with. Ended with 5 Minutes on Stairmaster.

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Hey Young man, welcome to the log forum.
It’s a great place to hang out, very friendly and a lot of other young lifters here.

Beat @duketheslaya to welcome you.

Btw nice numbers on the lifts, and 5/3/1 is a great program.

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Day 2 -

Bench - Triumvirate

Warm Up - Band Pull Apart and 5 Minutes on bike

Bench - warm up - 40KG, 50KG, 60KG - 5 reps

Working sets
75KG X5 - Easy
80KG X5
80KG X4 - Couldn’t get last rep up, might have to lower numbers a bit

Cable Row(Fat Grips)- 35KG 5X10
Rear felt flues (5KG) - 5KG 5X10

Weighted dips:
10KG X10, 15KG X10, 20KG X8, 10KG X8, 15KG X10

Cable pushdowns - 20KG - 5X12

Ab wheel - 2X12

Hey nogearoridea, great post. I love 5/3/1 and think it is a solid program. Based on this session, have you considered knocking off 10% from your best lifts and using this number as a training max? I have found that doing this allows for the volume to get performed while allowing for some wiggle room if you have an off day.

In Strength,



Yes, I am definitely going to do that for my Bench as it is the one lift that I can normally lift the same each week for some reason and if I do find it easy I’ll just add jokers aswell. Thanks

Deadlift - Spinal Tap Triples

100KG X3
110KG X3 and Chins X10
120KG X3 and Chins X10
140KG X1
120KG X3 and chins X10
110KG X3
100KG X3

Bent Row And Fat grip hammer curl

50KG X8
70KG X8
80KG X6
80KG X6
50KG X12
Curls - 10KG - 5X6-10

Squats (Wide Stance)
50KG, 3X10

Hyper Extension Machine

Dog sled - 90KG(Plates Only)
6 sets down by 15KG each time

I left the program at home so I had to do the deadlifts from memory, definitely not my strongest day for dead’s either.
After the dog sled work knee was clicking and hurting a bit so may be worth me buying some knee sleeves.

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Deload -

Warm Up - Rotator Cuff, Rear Delt Flye, Band Pull Apart - 3 Sets Of 10 Reps
Bench - 60KG 4X8
Incline DB Bench - 20KG 4X12
Fat Grip Cable Row - 35KG 3X15
Pec Deck Flyes - 2X10
Preacher Curl - 20KG 2X12, 30KG X10 + 5KG Rear Delt Flye - 3X15
Tricep Rope Push Down - 15KG 3X15

Bike - 5 mins
Elliptical - 5 mins
Leg curl + Extension - 2X12 @20KG
Paused squats- 40KG - 2X12
Squats - 60KG - 2X6
Squats - 70KG - X5
Deficit deadlift - 60+80KG - X10
Deadlift - 100KG - 1X3
Leg press - 50KG - 3X20
Leg Extension + Curl - 2X10
Elliptical - 3 Mins
Bike - 5 Mins

First Day Of 5/3/1 Triumvirate, Seems pretty good, was going to go with BBB but wanted to focus more on strength at the moment as size will also come along with it

Band Pull apart, rotator cuff, Standing Flyes - 2X15
Bar X10
40KG 2X5
55KG X5

1: 60KG X5
2: 65KG X5
3: 70KG X8

DB shoulder Press - 15KG - 3X20
DB Bench Press - 25KG - 2X12
Chins - 5X10 + Rear Delt Flye - 5X6
Tricep Push Down - 5X20 - +4KG each set

Warm up - Stairmaster - 5 mins
Leg curl:Extension - 2X12

Squat -
Bar X8
40KG X8
60KG X6
1: 75KG X5
2: 80KG X5 - Easier than 75KG
3: 85KG X9 - Last 2 were quite hard
60KG X5

RDL - 40KG - 5X12
Leg press - 50KG 1X15
HyperExtension - 4X10
Ab wheel - 4X12

Stairmaster - 5 Mins

Warm up - band pull aparts + Rotator cuff


Bar X10
30KG X10
35KG X8
40KG X8

1: 50KG X5
2: 52.5KG X5
3: 55KG X6

Cable Rows - 40KG - 5X12
Incline DB - 20KG - 5X12
Tricep push down - 5X12 - increase each set

Foam roller - first time doing it and felt quite strange, Hamstrings hurting from other day

Warm Up - foam roller


Warm Up:
70KG - 6
90KG - 6
1: 110KG - 5
2: 120KG - 5
3: 127.5KG - 5 -mixed

Leg curls - 30KG - 3X12
Squats - 60KG - 2X5
Lunges + Leg Raises - 4X8-12

Band pull apart + rotator cuff - 3X10


Bar X8
40KG X8
50KG X8
60KG X5
1: 65KG X3
2: 70KG X3
3: 75KG X5 - at least one left but no spotter so just left it
65KG - FSL - X6

Lat pull down - 40KG - 5X10 + Curls - 15KG - 3X5-10 on each arm

Dips - 5X10

Cable push downs - 20KG + lateral Raises - 2.5KG - 4X12

Stairmaster - 8 mins
Leg curl + extension- 4X10
Foam roller - Hamstrings

Squat -
40KG X8
60KG X5
70KG X5
1: 80KG X3
2: 85KG X3
3: 90KG X5 - didn’t think I’d even get 3 and they all moved well so quite happy with that
80KG X3

Leg press - 25KG - 6X10-20
HyperExtension + leg raises - 5X10

Band pull apart, rotator cuff - 4X10

Bar X10
40KG X5
50KG X3
1: 52.5KG X3
2: 55KG X3
3: 57.5KG X5 - last one was hard but just managed to get
52.5KG - FSL - X5 - couldn’t get 6th rep

Cable Row - 5X10 @ 40KG + rear felt flye - 3X12

Incline DB Press - 5X10-12 @ 20KG

CGBP - 5X10 @ 30-40KG

Foam roller - hamstrings- 2X10 each side
Leg curl + extension - 1X12


Bar X5
60KG X8
90KG X6
100KG X4
1: 120KG X3
2: 127.5KG X3
3: 135KG X6 - Mixed Grip

Lunges - 20KG - 4X6-8
Squats - 50KG - 3X10
Leg Raises - 4X12

Last week of first cycle

Bar X10
40KG X8
50KG X6
1: 60KG X5
2: 70KG X3
3: 75KG X4
Joker - 80KG X3 - Only started doing proper paused bench 3 weeks ago so happy with this atm

Lat pull down - 5X10 - 40KG
DB Curls + Push Down - 3X12
DB Bench - 20-25KG - 5X10-12

Foam roller

40KG X8
60KG X5
1: 75KG X5
2: 85KG X3
3: 95KG X5
Joker: 100KG X4 - 1RM 3 weeks ago
Joker 2: 105KG X2

RDL - 70KG - 3X8
Leg Extensions - 2X12
Leg Raises- 5X10
Hill sprints - 2X100M


60KG X10
100KG X6
1: 110KG X5
2: 127.5KG X3
3: 142.5KG X5 -
Joker - 150KG X3 - Max Is 165KG but happy with this as have never been able to do 150KG for reps before.

Cable Rows @27KG + Hammer Curls @ 10KG - 17.5KG - 4X10

Finished with first cycle and program, happy with the overall progress considering my form has got much better and also got stronger aswell. 5/3/1 is much better than I thought it would be and I’m surprised with the progress made aswell