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My Atlanta Fight

Well, unfortunately, things didn’t go my way this weekend. The first of two five-minute rounds went beautifully, as I took Allen down and controlled him the whole round, landing strikes and coming within a hair of submitting him with a kimura from side control. My conditoining was great, and I was ready for another round.

However, in the second round, the fates had it in for me. I shot in on a leg kick, and my level change turned it into a head kick that completely took me out of the fight. SOMEHOW, I managed to hang on for the remainder of the fight, losing a split decision in the end. I have no recollection of the fight after the kick, no recollection of the reading of the cards or of exiting the cage. I was running on auto pilot, but I managed to hold him in guard and defend, so I took no damage after the kick.

A loss is always hard to deal with, but I hung on after taking a huge shot from a pro boxer/pro kickboxer w/ 30-40 NHB fights who has been fighting three times as long as I’ve been training, so I’m not too disappointed in myself. I’ll be back in the cage again soon, better than ever. Thanks for all the support from the folks on here. Next time I’ll come out on top.

Jason, sorry to hear about the loss. I know you were well-trained and ready to go. It sucks when something goes wrong. But it sounds like you had a great showing nevertheless. And I’m sure you’ll be back on track and ready for the next one. Hey, it’s okay to lose every once in a while. As long as you give it your best, it’s worth the effort. Besides, he had some more experience. Just wait until you get a few more fights under your belt. I hear a rematch in the future! See you in the gym big dogg!

We’re always our own toughest critic. You should be proud of yourself.

Best of luck

Tough break. Sounds like you gave it a good run though. Your ground game allowed you to let it go to a decision so your doing something right. At least you didn’t get hurt. That kick could have really done some damage. Get back to training, and get back in the ring. And next time, keep your hands up!!! :slight_smile:

There’s an expression. "Old age and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm every time."

Sounds like he “read” you.

The point is that you went in the ring and you did your best against someone else’s best. The ONLY way to improve is if you fight people who are better than you. Congrats on your attempt.

Congradulations on your fight regardless of the outcome. I obviously don’t know you or much about your training background, but it seems like you went up against some pretty heavy hitters for your first two fights. Hell, I saw that that first guy you fought took on Dan Severn and lost a very close decision; that’s pretty impressive. For my first fight, I took on some backwoods redneck in a cage match in a warehouse up in Wyoming; pretty ghetto. Anyway, best of luck in your future fights. I hope we have the chance to meet some day and some rolling.

I know there is nothing that anyone says that can help you feel better after a loss. The best thing is to get your ass back in the ring and start training again. And I know you know that.

Jason, you gave it your all. It's a tribute to your tenacity, skills, and heart that you stuck it out with someone who is rather a "veteran". Good job. Seriously, great job. I think we learn just as much from our losses than the wins, too.

Next, time! Right? NEXT, time!

Bad luck mate. You’ve taken one on the chin, and kept going and are a true T-Man in every sense. Know that we are all behind you 110%.

You won the moment you stepped into the cage. you challenged yourself to something 99% of the population would never have the stones to even think about. The fact that you did’nt fold after a good bell ringing should prove to yourself that you have the heart of a winner. The fact that you faced and went to a decision with a much more seasoned opponent should give you more confidence for future fights. Best of luck

Here’s something I always think of (be it in the gym, boxing, or just whenever to pick up my spirits), I hope it helps you!

"In the area of human life the honor and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action." Aristotle

Thanks to everyone for the kind words. As I said, I will no doubt return to the cage before long, perhaps as early as late December in a Hook N’Shoot show in S. Florida. Until then, I’ll be training hard. Also, as I mentioned before, my endurance was 110%. I didn’t even feel like I had been fighting after the first round. For this, I have Coach Davies to thank, as for this fight, I followed his Renegade Training for MMA plan, with a few modifications. This is especially impressive since during the middle three weeks of my eight week program I had to sit almost completely idle due to an MCL sprain. If I had worked the entire eight weeks, my conditioning would have been insane. So, thanks again, and for those of you involved in any competitive sports, I urge you to give Coach Davies’ plans a look.

Hey you guys! Is there going to be a match between you two or not? This thread reminded me of the converstaion you had between you two ages ago.

I seriously doubt it; he lives in Dallas and I live in Denver. Besides, he noted that all he knows how to do is box, and while I also box, more often than not, I prefer to get a guy on the ground and finish/submit him down there. Even if JD does outweight me by 70-80 lbs, if he no has no idea how to defend from takedowns and fighting/submissions on the ground, I feel confident that the fight would be over before the first round ended (JRC by rear naked choke 2:19). The point is, I don’t have much interest in boxing right now; just Vale Tudo fighting like my boy Jason Braswell.

jun fan rules. the only kimura iknow is taki -bruces best friend. i dont want you to thow taky at your opponent, use someone else. you needed to keep your hands higher. concentrate on your peripheal vision…

Jason, congrats on just stepping up and getting in there, most wouldn’t. cyrilwilliams, you should concentrate on spelling and grammar.

Hats off to you Jason. I train MMA and I know even as a beginner its a tough sport. To compete at that level is something very few people could and even fewer would do. Best wishes in the future.

Mr. Braswell I hope you don’t mind answering a few questions for me. I’m a football player who is interested in Renegade Training. Do you recommend it to me for trying to improve my speed,quicks,ups,agility,etc.? Another big question I have is the way it effects your body. See I love building up my traps, neck, arms, chest. etc. to look lean and hard. Will Ren. Training help me build a athletic looking body like yours? Do you add other exercises in with the Renegade? Thank you for your time!!! By the way how old are you?

I answered this on the Photos forum.