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My Ass is Bleeding


So I've gone on this massive bulking diet for the last week. And every time I poop, I have to wipe like 30 times. So inevitably this led to some chafing, and with all this cold winter weather dries out my butthole. So a couple days ago i shit, and I poop out a little blood. So no sweat, I know it's from the TP.

Well two days later, and I still get blood every time I wipe, so I get kind of concerned. Start searching T-Nation for advice. The best I got was PIITB. So I didn't know what to use. Anyhow I decide a cucumber is a good place to start. Lube the fucker up, and put it in the butt. OUCH. Shit doesn't hurt, I just bleed more, and the lube hardly did anything to help with the dryness.

I asked my friend and he said "your doing it wrong" and that the real answer was MMF. So me and my friend and this hot girl, decide to PIITB together. He convinces me that it would be most beneficial for all for him to PIIMB. Same fucking deal! He comes out with semen and blood all over his dick, my ass is all dried out, and there's no way to fix it.

So T-Nation, I'm still pooping and in pain every time I wipe my butt. What advice do you all have for me?


PIIHB? Doesn't look like you've tried that yet.


Buy a bidet.


How the fuck could someone answer this.


don't be a fun-ruiner.

i caught the lulz from this



psyllium husk. (most effective, spoonful in a glass of water 2x/d)

leafy vegetables.

baby wipes. (do not eat this one)


You really don't use a fiber supplement (psyllium)?

You'd really rather wipe 30x instead of just hopping into the shower for 30sec?

Does your gf actually put up with this crap?


I don't understand fiber at all. Everyone says eat a bunch of fiber and it will keep you regular and clean you out. I'm bulking (what else is there?) so I have the same problem. Except it usually comes out loose and kind of liquidy and never on a schedule. Does fiber make it heftier and more solid and also like clockwork? Or will it just make me shit soup more often?


Can a sink be used if a shower isn't available?


A sink is preferable, especially at eh in-laws or at a party and sometimes even a restaurant.


My problem is the baby wipes, do you put them in the toilet, or the waste basket?

I personally, if I don't have baby wipes with me don't use the sink, very ungentlemanly of me. So, as not to get poo poo on my fine cotton draws, walk with my pants down around my ankles, go outside and grab the garden hose and blast it out. Of course if you have a shower use that.


Use fiber. You'll be shitting nice solid bricks in no time. I recommend half the bottle for the first serving.


Vitamin C. Find your tolerance for it by taking too much and then back off 500mg at a time. You get the added benefit of not getting sick as much. My tolerance is somewhere around 9000 mg a day.


I think the problem is your gf. She obviously isn't into some of the nastier things I've seen on the webz. You need to get a new girlfriend. Get yourself one of those bukake(sp) loving chicks. If you're pooping 30 times a day, she'll be in boo boo heaven and your anus will get the tender loving it needs.


You accidentally your butthole.


It's quite terrible that this may be the 5th or 6th time this topic has come up.




You should try Chipolte-way ...


Shave your crack and use baby wipes, at least for the first swipe. You should only need two wipes if your crack doesn't look like the amazon rain forest. One babywipe and one regular TP wipe an yer all set.



Use baby wipes.

Also, to put your bleeding into perspective: