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My Ass Hurts


I have this constant gnawing ache that starts somewhere around the [Sacrum?] joint and goes all through my right ass, hip and partway down my leg. It's related to an injury and I'm trying to get it all sorte out but that isn't the point of this post.

It hurts worse when I lie in bed and the only thing that's help so far is to have my girlfriend jam her elbow into the area and put all her weight into it while going back and forth over the inflamed area. Thing is, she's getting tired of doing it. Does anyone know of any way to brutally massage themselves in this hard-to-reach place? The best I can do is lean my hip into the corner of my desk and backwards-hump it.

In case anyone asks, I honestly do not know what is causing this pain. So far the orthos haven't been much help, but it all started a while back when I hurt my low back. It seems like as my back started to feel better, this thing with my hip just started up and kept getting worse.

Anyway, thanks for any help guys.


Sciatic nerve. Stretch your hamstrings. The pain should go away as long as you keep stretching. I have the same problem. If I stop stretching, the pain flares up again.


Get a lacrosse ball and lay on top off it. Put enough pressure on it and it WILL be brutal. That's all I got.


Are you foam rolling? Or using a tennis ball? Try some mobility work.

I had a similar pain, not the same. It felt like a really tight muscle from my lower back, through the glute and down the hamstring. Did plenty of rolling and mobility and stretching of the hip flexors.

And if a particular exercise inflames it, don't do it, or don't go heavy imo.


I would say as far as jamming something there goes, you could try using a lacrosse ball on the ground foam roller style. I feel like that'd do something.

As far as your injury and the symptoms with it goes, I would ask your doctors to take a much closer look at your lower back, as I know when you slip disks or harm the integrity of the spine in another way, you can have sciatic nerve involvement, which will lead to pain going from the source down into one or both legs. Go back to an orthopedic, a back specialist if at all possible, and make sure you tell them "I hurt my lower back and now I have pains extending from my lower back through my butt, hip, and down my leg". They should be able to help you out.


I know exactly what you're referring to as I've injured my lower back as well. It's almost like the pain is wedged between the back side of your hip and your lower back underneath the superficial muscles? My mom is a massage therapist and works with athletes and injured people. She used to dig her elbow into that spot as well. To be honest though with respect to what helped the most is using a large foam roller, putting it approximately under my tail bone and laying down prone on my back...I try to relax and let those muscles muscles stretch...usually every other day as there is a gratifying pop in my lower spine that relieves a lot of the pain and tension. Give that a shot, I do it everyday to keep my back pain and injury free even while lifting heavy consistently.


the pain you are describing is sciatica. i have it from two herniated discs.

what helps me is foam rolling on my glutes, and sitting on a tennis ball/lacrosse ball (where the pain is)

also strecthing the hamstrings out usually helps too


the pain you are describing is sciatica. i have it from two herniated discs.

what helps me is foam rolling on my glutes, and sitting on a tennis ball/lacrosse ball (where the pain is)

also strecthing the hamstrings out usually helps too


Sleep on your back with a big pillow under your knees to take the strain off the lumbar discs. I have bulging discs from what my last xrays showed. Have you had an xray or MRI done?



Thanks for the responses guys. I should have thought of the lacrosse ball thing, that's a good idea.


I had xrays which showed a (protruding) disk but nothing else. The MRI was done but the doc ordered a second one and then I changed jobs and lost insurance, so have not been back yet. From what I've read, I've kind of thought it was a sciatic nerve type thing. Sometimes I barely feel it, other times it kills me. The tendons around the front side of my hip hurt sometimes, too, and it's hard for me to bring my knee up toward my chest without pain. Lately I'v ebeen going unilateral on the leg press with a short ROM and light weight.


My lower back problems are a result of improper training when I was new in the gym. I spent three months in physio trying to loosen the muscles up. It has taken me a year to get my dead lift back up to where it was when I hurt myself, and my squat is still well below where I was at that time.

I have no quick fix for pain, and it takes a couple of weeks of stretching to feel better. As long as I keep stretching my hamstrings & lower back every day, the pain stays away. I do not have to avoid exercises or training heavy, but it took along time to build my strength back up in my lower back. It feels good now. My flexibility is now somewhat limited but my strength has come back to near 100%.

I've been to physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, etc. All were very expensive and none were as effective in relieving pain as laying on my back everyday, and stretching.

Good Luck.


Thank you. Unfortunately it has taken me reading my own post to realize I should probably be stretching my hamstrings out alot.