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My ART Practitioner

My art practitioner started working on Gary Sheffield last weekend. He said his shoulders never felt so loose. Sheffield told him that when his shoulders felt loose he could really swing well. I guess he was right. He also worked on 6 Atlanta Falcons and one Washington Redskin today. Hes about to start working on Greg Maddux. Just thought yall should know that since i have become a vocal advocate of ART. Its the best thing you will ever do.

I agree with you Goldberg,if you get a good practitioner. I’m lucky that my chiropractor is quite good and I have gotten some great results from him. But I have also heard of some who are brutal.

You must be talking about Rad. He is one of the ART instructors. I am also an instructor for the ART. I am out in the Bay Area, California. If you work with a good therapist or Doc you can get GREAT results. But, beware of someone who is not credentialed. You can get reamed. Go to activerelease.com and click on find a provider.

Going to give it a try next week. I’m having lower back pain and shoulder pain. Can’t bench or deadlift. Hope it works.

you are exactly right. i started going about three weeks ago and i can now squat with no pain where as before i couldnt even take a shit without pain. it seems like a friggin miracle.

It’s nice to hear you met a hometown pa. boy goldberg. Tell dave tom from hazleton said hi.
Dave’s good, but people should know that a pro athlete’s body is no different than a high school kid’s.
It’s nice to get a little celebrity endorsment htough. Ask the good doc what a sake bomb is and question him on his kareoke skills.

I agree. I only use the athletes to bring credibility to it to people that dont know anything about it. Its hard to get people to understand that he is much more than just a chiropractor. So when I tell them that he works with the falcons and some of the braves and thrashers they automatically have more respect for it. Plus I feel like he performed a miracle on me because i can now squat and jump without pain whereas before i couldnt do anything. and miracles are hard for some people to believe.

You’re absolutly right. Anything that can get the injured guys in to get fixed is wothwhile. One of my biggest frustrations is seeing people that can benefit from ART, but don’t it’s out there or how well it can work. I’ve experienced the same kind of results myself.
You’re really going to get spoiled Goldberg. I appreciate you spreading the word. Thanks.

That’s a good client list in anyone’s eyes, especially considering that Sheffield has been hitting the shit out of the ball to start the season (even in the largest park in the majors).

Goldberg I’m glad you went to Dr. Dave. He is a miracle worker isn’t he? I couldn’t believe I could lift weights again after just six visits.

I had a shoulder problem from benching last year and went to an ART practitioner.
She fixed my shoulder problem after a few visits. She said my scar tissue
had “velcro” the muscles of my shoulder together.
She told me to only use dumbbells for two months and do not barbell flat bench.
She suggested I start with Incline DB, flat bench DB, decline DB then flys.
Hope this helps you.

Cool, that may be the problem, my shoulder is reaaly tight . It actually hurts more when I do incline flies, or shoulder presses, and up until 2 weeks ago I could still bench 245 and do dips with no problem. but incline flies, forget it.

This sounds like some interesting stuff. I just checked out activerelease.com and was wondering if these guys can do anything with pelvic alignment. If not, I still think I am going to give it a try with my neck. Hurts like hell when I work traps or deadlift.

I would go to an art practitioner for any musculoskeletal injury first.