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My ART experience

(disclaimer) First of all, let me say I hav eno affiliation with ART whatsoever, I’m not a ringer paid to advertise ART on a messageboard,I’m just a regular average joe with some tendonitis that tried it out. Let me say, Dr. Sanders is the second greatest, the greatest being Dr. Kolstad, the doc that performed my surgery. He stretched my quad out and after 20 minutes, I felt no pain. He made me run and we tried squatting and I felt no pain whatsoever, just a little on my way up but I couldn’t even go all the way down on my squats until today. He said my tendon was ok, the doc cleaned it up but my quad was in a big ass knot pulling my knee cap up thus putting pressure on my tendon. All the physical therapy in the world wouldn’t help out until I got the knot out. I also have to stretch like every chance I get to keep the knot from coming back. So all is well ya’ll. I want to thank the posters that kept using the word ART on the messageboard because it took me a while before it finally hit me that I should try ART out.

I also finally know how Vince Carter made that speedy recovery. It was because they have an ART practitioner on the basketball team that workewd with Carter before and after his surgery. Dr. Sanders told me that I should come in like 2 more times and everything should be ok. Anyway, what I’m saying is ART is the answer, if you have tendonitis and all else fails, try ART out, you won’t be dissappointed.

I’m glad it worked for you. Too bad you didn’t have it done before your surgery as you might have even been able to avoid that.