T Nation

My Appreciation

Today I am writing because I really feel that the T-Nation team has a positive influence on the BB and Athletes world.

About 10 yrs ago when I started lifting I had purchased my First MM2K Mag and that time, they where the Bomb. I even remember looking up to their featured Bodybuilder Danny Ester.

For the most of you, you are aware that the magazine became as obsolete as … well I cant think of it, but I would not spend a dime on the mag. Leaving me hungry for information on training and nutrition. I know I know there’s M&F/FLex/Bodybuilding.com etc.

But T-Nation has risen above all of these.

T-Nation Has filled the gap left by MM2K. Even exceeded the expectation since you have and still are touching all aspect of training, helping us gym rats rising above the meat head Nation.

I would like to thank all the professionals on this site who are kind enough to share their wealth of information. It’s helping me and millions of others achieve something that is worth recording as life accomplishment. And that is no small thing.

Keep up the great work