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My App Created for Beyond 531, Copyright Issue?



I am currently in the process of building an Android app for Beyond 531. I just wanted to know is there anything I need to be aware of from a copyright point of view. I have the book etc and want to build into the app everything essentially. I see other apps out there for 531, which have some parts but are very restrictive and I want mine to be fully comprehensive.

I have most of it done actually, and I am going to start using it myself this weekend, but I might look to put it up on the App Store at some point and want to make sure I don’t infringe on any copyrights etc.

So can someone advise me on this?



Also assuming I can go ahead with publishing this. If people here have suggestions they would like to see in this app I can look to include them.


You want to take all of someone’s published information and reproduce it under your own name for your own profit?

I believe that will be an issue.


I don’t know about the legal aspects. Nor do I know what Wendler would say, but how do you feel about using someone else’s work for your app?


In my opinion publishing an app like this on the app store is immoral at the minimum and probably illegal copyright wise. Jim spent a considerable amount of his time and energy designing this program and I assume it is how he supports his family. If you are benefiting from his work financially I think you are stealing from and disrespecting him.

The only way I could see this being OK to do is if you collaborated directly with Jim and got his approval.


Even if you don’t sell the app and make it free, your distributing someone’s intellectual property that people pay to read in books. Unless you only use it for yourself I can’t see this being ok.


To all responses thats exactly why I am asking :).

I see other apps out there peddling 531 albeit badly, so I wanted to know what was ok or not, obviously a response from Jim himself would be great.

First and foremost what I am building is for me specifically, as the apps I see are all crap to be honest. They tend to bastardise the 531 and dont really follow what is in the beyond 531 book which I own. Also I dont like using excel spreadsheets, I prefer to have all this automated and to build my workouts for me etc.

I can very much live without publishing my app, and just use it for my own use.


You have got to be kidding, right? Oh course it’s copyright infringement! How could it not be?


A lawyer could. Or spend $50 on for a consult Avvo, at the very least.

Just want to say I allowed this thread to be posted to hopefully get you some more input from “potential users” and I largely/rightly expected them to say how it’s, at best, unethical for you (or any other app developers) to profit in any way from Wendler’s 5/3/1.

You didn’t design the training plan, so why is it acceptable to be a remora that benefits from someone else’s hard work? If Wendler ever decides to put out an official 5/3/1 app, he’d have to “compete” with you and scores of unofficial ones. Someone could either chalk that up as “business is business”, or they could understand that just because you can make money from doing something doesn’t mean you should.


Again I am asking to be sure here. I see other apps out there. Just wanted to verify.

Still not sure if I can be bothered to publish even if its ok’d by Jim etc, but just wanted to check. As said in my posts; first and foremost this app is to make my life easier when I go to the gym. If I can automate and build something to do something like that I will do.


I totally agree with what you are saying. My intentions were to provide something that people could potentially use other than myself. But only if it was not seen in a way that is unethical, or infringing copyright etc. I could also provide it for free just as someone does with a spreadsheet. I never mentioned actually charging for it.


If it’s a GREAT app, contact Wendler. He answers the same questions on this forum over and over and over. Bless his heart. He must be a reasonable man. Maybe you guys could work together so everybody benefits.


Great idea. I did click on his profile but I dont see a way to contact him. Its actually why I posted here as I do see he responds often. I did try and google for his details but again nothing contact wise came up.

Dont suppose anyone has an email address for him?


While I’m not a computer programmer, I am a full time composer/arranger of music. In the music world, it would be breaking copyright law and quite illegal for me to arrange someone else’s song and publish it for free. Even if it was because I just love the song and wanted to get it out there for people to enjoy, and I didn’t profit from it at all, it would still be illegal and breaking copyright law, without having express written permission from the publisher.

Now that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, there are certainly people that do that, but it’s illegal, and every now and then the publisher will find them and file a big 'ol lawsuit. So, similar to what you’ve found in the app store, I’m sure there are some 5/3/1 apps out there, and I guarantee none of them got Jim’s permission. The process of filling a lawsuit can be long, drawn out and quite expensive, which may be why Jim hasn’t done so, or he may not know they’re there. Still, even though you’re not trying to be malicious, you should have his written permission before proceeding. If you’re only using it for yourself, I don’t think that would be a problem.


Yep. If you’d like, I can give him the e-mail you have associated with your username and let him follow up.


Chris to the rescue!!!


Chris da man saves the day! But really, ask the man himself. If I was a program writer and someone made money off of my program, I’d be pissed. I could let it go if they only used information I have put out for free, but even then I would not tolerate making money with it.


Thanks Chris that would be great.


At least the OP asked and didn’t just go out and do it.


I’m sorry but this whole thread makes me quite uneasy. I think if you do some research there is some literature and/or footage of Jim discussing something similar to this. Something to do with the illegal download of his books.
You say ‘most of the app is nearly done’ yet you have only just decided to ask if Jim is ‘ok’ with it. I can’t and won’t speak for Jim or anyone but my opinion is that the correct channels should be followed prior to what you have done. These being to contact Jim or a representative of him and put a proposal to him for him to agree or disagree. I’m sorry but I’m not convinced that you intend to solely use the app for your own training. Your original post leant towards you putting the app out there, that changed slightly when people said it was unethical. I’m not for one minute saying you have any dishonest intentions but my personal opinion is to leave someone else’s work alone. Let them profit from it. After all it was them that put all the work in.