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My Apologies


I present my apologies to all those I have directly or indirectly offended or hurt by my past postings in this forum. This includes 'bashing' Canada in whole or in part.

I admit that the Idealist in me has been a little too extreme. I admit that I have been vitriolic, caustic, and cold.

I want to thank all T-Nation members for posting here. Little by little, your input has made me a better person, and has forced me to consider different viewpoints.

Like I said, I have been blinded by Idealism, by the notion of how things should be. I now better accept people and things as they are and as they come and go. I want to thank T-Nation members for their love of freedom of expression, open-minded spirit, and tolerance.

Your contributions have shown me better ways of seeing things, and to better accept the multiple and parallel ways of looking at the world and it's people.

"Live and let live."

(Yeah, this could sound too vague, abstract or wussy to some of you, but coming from someone who generally never apologizes, I think it is a big first step. Thank you for your understanding.)


Now that you mention it would you mind changing your avatar? I sometimes log into T-Nation with my daughter on my lap and I find that offensive.

Thanks for understanding.



Now that you mention it would you mind NOT changing your avatar? I sometimes log into T-Nation with my daughter on my lap and I control her from seeing what I think is offensive.

Thanks for understanding.



How about a poll?


She's a keeper.


Yep, I like her.


Can you get her to dance on it? That would be mega-cool.


This thread got the Gay in so many ways.


"the Gay". That's hilarious.




Seeing naked people doesn't traumatize young children.. hypocritical parents who make their children believe that seeing naked people is traumatizing, traumatize young children. heh.

That babe is a keeper! ^_^






Truer words never spoken. It is the same argument I have with many about "porn". Kids wouldn't find a naked body offensive if they were never taught to find it offensive. It makes me wonder if these overprotective parents ever visit museums with their children...and if not, do they care about their kid's cultural development as much as they care about them never seeing a naked body?


On IMDB, there are slew of posts about movies like Saw and Hostel where parents ask if the movie is "safe" for children, and end up pulling the notorious "Eye-gouging and mass torture is OK but God forbid my child sees some titties" bullshit.


Spoken by a moron 20 something with no kids ha ha


How many kids do you have mr know it all? None I suspect.


Not one at the moment. However, I grew up with two teachers so the problems seen from "other people's kids" has been a part of my life most of my life. Any rants you have as if no one can speak on the act of raising kids without owning kids is retarded.

The truth is, the picture of the woman in that photo is not sitting on a giant dick. She is not even turned to the front and I will bet you can't even find a nipple or pubic hair in that pic at all, if I may be so blunt.

Therefore, you want to shield kids from seeing an artistic representation of a naked woman? Why? What damage does nudity itself do to a kid, Mr. Parent? Please inform us how nudity itself harms children and makes the world a horrible place.


Spoken by a cratchety old man whose kids are afraid of a naked body.


Blown up for artistic enjoyment.