My APF Seniors Report

I know it’s a little late but what the hell…

Seniors was a little chaotic and a lot of fun! Met some truly awesome people and got to hang with some good friends that I never see. Big Timmy and Kara B. Love them!

My training weight leading up to seniors was 215lbs. I lift in the 198lb class. So, I had to suck some weight. Yuck. I got it all off, but I failed to put it all back on. Uh oh.


I knew I was having problems when I broke parallel with 225. The suit was way too freaking loose. Not much I could do about it but be smart and lower my opener. I had planned to open with 451. Dropped it to 402. Thank goodness.

402-good(tied old meet PR, gym PR is 465)
440-no again

This truly sucked. I was hoping/planning to go 451, 501, 525. Next time.

Bench Press:

Honestly I was just hoping to get my opener and the last thing I expected was a pr.
242-flew up. 22lb PR. fastest of the three. easily left 10-15lbs on the platform.

Dead Lift:

Same thing here. Hadn’t PRed in training in a long time and didn’t expect much.

358-good. 23lb meet PR.
368-nope. got it to my knees but couldn’t push my hips through.

Total: 1002(45lb PR)

Guess I can’t complain too much. Certainly disapointed with how the squat went. Overall it was a great learning experience and I got to see some amazing lifters in action!


Nice job. Three PRs in one meet is nothing to sneeze at.

What exactly was the problem with the squat suit? Why was it too loose? Was it a new suit you had never worn before?


My normal training weight is around 210-215lbs. I cut wieght to make the 198s for the meet and didn’t put enough back on. Plus it’s a handmedown suit and the straps have always been way too loose. I can easily pull them off and on myself. So, I sent my suit home with Ginny and she put velcro on my straps, like a canvas, so now I hopefully won’t have that problem.

Any PR is a good PR…Nice lifting!

Don’t worry too much about the squats: cutting weight is harder than it sounds, and takes years to get good at. There are some ways I love being a SHW!!

Good call on the velcro. I have such on my canvas and I love it.

Congrats! Dropping weight can definitely make gear fit differently.
When is your next meet?


[quote]beefcakemdphd wrote:
Congrats! Dropping weight can definitely make gear fit differently.
When is your next meet?


My next meet will be in Vegas in September.

Great lifting. You should crack elite at your next meet.

Awesome lifts, Ericka! You’ll get more next time!