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My Anti Steroid Rant


steroids are like cigarettes

I didn't want to hijack a thread so I started my own.

Isn't steroid use a bit like smoking? I mean look at people who get to be 50 and have used steroids. Heart problems are the number one killer of Americans. Also they say exercise is the number one way to prevent that. Isn't this counter productive.

I wont blindly say steroids are dangerous, just like smoking, moderation is the best way to do this. It is also the best way not to have a problem in the future from it.

Also steroids are illegal, I don't think they should be. I also don't think pot should be illegal either. But jail sucks, and prison sucks worse. Also nothing would be worse then crashing off a cycle and being weak and testosteroneless when your surrounded by people who could be murders and rapists.

Final note, we all want to be buff like Arnold it was all of our dreams since childed hood, but I would rather be buff like me then have my chest sawed open, my heart stops and my blood be pumped by a machine to have bi-pass surgery ever.

End Rant.


Thats a good boy, you feel better now?


You don't know much about steroids, do you. It's obvious.


Well, I'm not going to be baited into any sort of discussion here. I'll only take the time to point out the error in your premise.

Steroids are not like cigarettes. Your analogy is faulty and, therefore, so are the conclusions your draw from it.

Cigarettes are without health benefits, period. Steroids have a myriad of benefits and medical applications, albeit with potential risks. On the other hand, cigarettes have actual risks with no benefits, besides making you look cool, of course.

And that's all I have to say about that....


I'm kinda confused as to what you're trying to say. Are you saying steroids cause heart problems?


Don't asthma sufferers use steroids in their inhalers? Isn't cortisol (aka hydrocortisone) an essential steroid?

Oh, you mean steroids people use to speed muscle growth, like after surgeries and in epidurals and stuff. No? You mean the type people abuse, not knowing what they're taking, without a doctor's supervision? That kind? What if said steroids are taken as hormone replacement therapy, so elderly gentlemen stay feeling like men?

Let me lay a surprise on you. No one cares what you think. HAHA!


Just stick with the creatine son and stay out of the big boys' sand box.


Except that you apparently don't know anything about steroids but what your guidance councilor told you in health class.



Maybe I just had an epiphany through this post, or maybe it was enlightenment. But for a split second, I almost felt ashamed of myself for breaking a frivolous substance control act passed by an autocratic administration over a decade ago, as well as for the fact that ever since I began juicing, almost every attribute and characteristic that epitomizes what masculinity is has been enhanced in me.

Luckily for me, once that fraction of time was over, I went back to being thankful for the boost in mood, confidence, and +110lb max bench increase I've achieved since having started.


Nice essay. You probably will get an A in high school.

Son, here you will get first hand practical knowledge of ppl using it. The mystery of steroid and its side effects has been solved and there are proper PCT procedures and alot of advanced stuff now that didnt exist in the past.

i guess you already know that, but you are craving for some attention. but yeh nice write up, use that in your teaching ! we still need kids to stay away from this till they are well beyond their natural genetic limits :slightly_smiling:


love it



If the link doesn't work, go to google video and search "real sports: steroids".


Damn! Thats the answer right there!

Now I'd like to thank you all for participating thats the end of the discussion.
I think perhaps we should move on somewhere else?


Hey bright one, just to let ya know steroids are NOT illegal. The use of them without a prescription is what is illegal

same as taking 800mg of Ibuprofen is, the same as taking any painkiller which is NOT prescribed to YOU (which I guarantee 99% of us are guilty of). Lets not loose sight of the fact that all AAS were created to enhance someones way of life. Albeit a cancer recovery, AIDS recovery or a burn victim recover.

We just figured out how to manipulate those results to enhance us more, mostly for cosmetic reasons.

If you choose NOT to use AAS then good for you. However those of us who do so do it with an educated plan and minimize the risks as much as we know how to.

So if you want knowledge then this is the place to seek it. If you come to preach MOVE ALONG!


and those that use them ain't shit without them


Ah, the second myth. I've seen some guys that use AAS, and their workout routines are monumental. They would kill you. To say that they don't bust ass above and beyond the "average" lifter would be gross ignorance.

It's not some magic drug. It allows for faster recovery. That's it.


Well done. You're probably shit either way.


I thought you were passing out anti-steroid cookies. Damit!


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And once you get off it, you'll never be able to make decent gains naturally. You missed the whole point, it has nothing to do with busting your ass in the gym. If you're 50 years old with low hormone levels, fine take them.
If not, you're just a pussy looking for shortcuts.