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My Anabolic Diet


Hi. I'm new here, but have been browsing a lot of the articles for a while. I just finished reading the Anabolic Diet book as well as some articles on the diet here. I've read a little of the My Experience on the AD as well...I hope to get through the whole 300+ pages soon.

I think I'm a good candidate for the diet as I've always been carb sensitive. I've lost 30 lbs since the end of June and would like to lose another 25-30 lbs to get back in great shape. I'd like to get to 14-15% bodyfat and then maybe think of doing a show someday (my ultimate goal). Like most women, I hold a lot of my fat in my lower body and due to a C-section 2.5 years ago (and careless diet), I have some lower abdomenal fat to get rid of.

I'm going to start the diet on Friday and not carb up until 14 days later to give my body plenty of time to convert from sugar burner to fat burner. If I feel really badly before the 15 days are up, I'll carb up at 12 days. I'm just trying to get on the weekday high fat/protein and carb up on weekends schedule.

I weighed myself this morning, but I think I'll weigh in again on Friday when I plan to actually start the program. I'll take some pictures then as well. I will post my daily nutritional intake as well as my training & cardio. I can use all the support I can get!

Training will look like this:
Monday: Cardio only (30 mins HITT)
Tuesday: Glutes/Hams (need extra work)
Wednesday: Chest & Triceps
Thursday: Shoulders & Cardio (45 mins steady state)
Friday: Cardio only (30 mins HITT)
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Back & Biceps & Cardio (45 mins steady state)

I'm going to set my intial caloric level at 2300 calories so that I leave room for manipulating/decreasing the number while trying to cut fat (and keep/build a little muscle).


no leg and quad focus in your training?

Make sure to keep your fat intake high the first two weeks. You'll still lose weight in that time period from water retention. Worry about cutting down after you transition to fat burning.

Also, most people in the 300+ page thread would advise that you NOT do cardio on the carb up day and day following. You don't want to deplete glycogen reserves.

good luck and train hard.


You've found your way to the "Powerful women" section, so your on the right path, and you certainly belong there! The T-Nation is a great place, you'll get so much support and information from these women (and men). Your pics are lovely. Welcome.


Thanks for the advice, Jeff. Yes, I do have legs in there (on Saturday) with hams and glutes again on Tuesday. My quads are more developed than my hams, so I want to focus more on those, but quads will be worked on Sat. My legs are naturally bigger/muscular. I need more to burn the fat off to see what is underneath. I put muscle on somewhat quickly in my lower body. I'll definitely change the cardio around on that advice, which makes sense.

Diet starts tomorrow!


I've revised my training schedule per Jeff's advice:

Monday: Chest & Triceps
Tuesday: Glutes & Hams (30 mins HITT)
Wednesday: Shoulders & Abs (45 mins steady)
Thursday: Cardio (30 mins HITT)
Friday: Cardio (45 mins steady) & Abs
Saturday: Legs & Calves
Sunday: Back & Biceps

I received my Biotest supplements today! I got BCAAs, ZMA, Se7en, Catabolin-19, Metabolic Drive, Flame Out.

I have a bunch of other supplements that I take regularly as well that I'll continue with (St John's Wort, fenugreek,glucagonnan, vitamin C, multi-vitamin, chromium picolinate, cinnamon, digestive enzymes). I'll have to get a fiber supplement.


Day 1 is going well so far, although I'm finding that I'm really having to make myself/remind myself to eat. It's 4:00 and I've only eaten 3 times (1 of which was just a handful of almonds). Had a 2 scoop Metabolic Drive shake with 1 tbsp natural PB this morning, a salad with olive oil and vinegar with ~6oz sirloin tips for lunch, and a handful of almonds for a snack. Need to make a bunch of food tonight. Feeling great. Training legs tonight.

For supplements, I took 4 BCAAs when I woke up, 1 Carbolin 19, 2 Flameout, and 1 Se7en this morning (as well as my regular supplements of cinnamon, glucagonnan, fenugreek, multi-vitamin, chromium picolinate, and B complex). I took 2 more Flameout and one each of Carbolin 19 & Se7en this afternoon.


Even though I didn't do badly yesterday, I didn't get to the gym and my eating wasn't optimal since I didn't eat as much as I should have. Since the diet encourages you to start on a Monday, I'm officially starting today (one day head start is Ok for me since I need to lose a decent amount of fat).

My supplements will be (my counter looks like a pharmacy):

4 BCAAs upon waking, pre training, post training, and bedtime
2 Flameouts twice per day
2 Carbolin 19 twice per day (starting with 1 twice/day for first 3 days then increasing if OK)
1 Se7en twice per day
Multi-vitamin plus extra B-complex and C
200mg Chromium Picolante at breakfast
ZMA at bedtime
Cinnamon 2 caps twice per day
2 caps St Johns Wort twice per day
Glucagonnan & Fenugreek twice per day

So far today:

Breakfast: Ham and cheese omlette (probably about 3oz ham, 2 slices cheese, 3 eggs)

Snack: 1.5 scoop Metabolic Drive (love the taste of this stuff!) and 1.5 tbsp natural PB

Lunch: 6oz 93% lean ground beef with a little taco seasoning and Tabasco, 1c green beans, 1/8c chopped walnuts

Dinner: 2 deviled eggs (2 whole eggs and ~ 1 tbsp mayo...I made a big batch with 5 tbsp total), 1.5 scoop Metabolic Drive shake, 1/8c almonds

Snack: 1 deviled egg, 1/8c almonds

I'm not going to make it to the gym tonight. I couldn't get a sitter and my daughter has been extremely hyper today and driving me crazy! Two and a half year old are hiliarious and wonderful, but they can also be exhausting and extremely inquisitive!

I'll do shoulders at home tonight after she goes to bed since I do have dumbbells (up to 30 lbs) so I can at least do those.


is that really all the se7en your supposed to take?


Yes, according to the bottle it says to take one capsule two times per day. The Carbolin 19-19 says to start with one cap 2x/day and go up to 2 caps 2x/day after 3 days if you are OK with the first dosage.


You might like some of the info on this thread.



Thanks, I'll definitely read it!

Day 1 went OK, although I will be adding more chicken and less eggs/red meat as I'm not usually much of a red meat eater as it is. I think I'll keep 1 serving in per day of each and the rest from chicken/protein shake post-workout.

I weighed myself this morning, so now I have a starting point of reference.

Did 40 mins on the treadmill this AM (with 5 BCAAs, Carbolin 19 and Se7en prior to starting) with a 5 min cooldown. I also did some abs as well.

Breakfast: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 1/2 tbsp natural PB

Snack: 1/8c chopped walnuts, diet coke w/lime (had bad headache)

Lunch: Salad with lettuce, cucumbers, celery, onions, ~1/8c chopped black olives, 1 hard boiled egg, 4 oz chicken breast, ~2 tbsp olive oil & vinegar for dressing (I didn't get to eat all of this as work was busy and I wasn't feeling well...I did make sure to eat all the chicken at least)

Snack: 4oz 93% lean ground beef, 1/4c almonds

Dinner: 4oz canned chicken breast mixed with chopped onions and celery with 2 tbsp mayo

Snack: 1.5 tbsp natural PB

I upped the dosage of Carbolin 19 to 2 caps this morning. I'm not sure if it was to due this or not, but I felt awful this morning. Really bad headache, neck hurt, etc. I do think it was due more to exhaustion (I had a rough weekend and traveled a lot last week/sleep deprived somewhat) and my daughter was extremely hyper this weekend (not allowing me any rest at all really).

I just took 1 cap for my second serving this afternoon. I'll try to 2 caps tomorrow if I feel better to see if it causes the same reaction or if it was indeed due to external factors.


I'm on the 6th or 7th week of my current plan and I feel like I will be content if I never eat ground beef again.

I just hope I don't start hating steak. Then I may be in trouble!

If you get bored with the selection, consider getting some seafood and fish in your diet for variety. You may find you enjoy meats you didn't particularly like in the past. That's been my experience.

edit- wow, I just looked at your profile pics. I hope you get back to looking like you did in 2004 too! =O


HA! Thanks. That's what I'm working towards...and more. I hope to exceed what I looked like then by bringing my legs in more and adding more definition to my upper body. Stay tuned!


Trained back and bis this morning. I don't usually train in the early AM (5:15), but it's been really hard to get back to the gym at night before it closes with my daughter and home schedule lately. So, I've decided to lift 2 mornings during the week and Sat & Sun. I'm prioritizing lifting where I used to prioritize cardio when I was first starting to lose the weight.

I was pretty strong during most of the back workout, but started to lose a little steam at the end. When I started bis, I was a little drained so my workout on that part was just OK. Not bad, but not my strongest either. I'm sure the pretty much no carbs play a role in this while you're going through the induction phase. I did take 5 BCAAs before and after training as well as 10g glutamine, 2 500mg vitamin C and a B-complex. I also had a 1.5 scoop Metabolic Drive shake pre-workout and a 1 scoop shake post (while trying to get out the door this morning).

I think I need to do a little more reading on pre & post nutrition while on this diet. I also have Dr. Berardi's Precision Nutrition that I bought recently but haven't read yet. My thought is to lose some bodyfat on the Anabolic Diet over the next 2 months or so then try switching to PN.

Preworkout: 1.5 scoops Metabolic Drive, 5 BCAAs, 1 Carbolin 19, 1 Se7en
Postworkout: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 5 BCAAs, 10g glutamine

Breakfast: Ham & cheese omelete from work cafe (I'm pretty sure they use Egg Beaters, one slice of cheese, and 2 slices of ham) with some Tabasco
Snack: 1 tbsp natural PB
Lunch: Taco salad (3oz 93% lean ground beef, lettuce, onions, black olives, few oz shredded chicken, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole). I could only eat half of this, Diet Coke with lime
Snack: 1 tbsp natural PB
Midafternoon: 6oz 99% lean ground turkey with Tabasco and seasoning, 1/4c almonds
Dinner: 5 slices of Canadian bacon, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp natural PB


Trained shoulders and abs this morning. Felt good and strength was good. I noticed my body getting tighter and my abs flattening out and getting more defined. Weight is down 0.7 lbs since Monday. I was holding some water, so I think this helped flush some of it out. Not having any significant hunger or cravings either, which is great.

I was a cardio junkie before, but I can definitely see improvements all around from cutting back to 3-4 days versus 6-7 days. Can't wait to see how I look after the first carb up!

Preworkout: 5 BCAAs, 1 Carbolin 19, 1 Se7en, 1 scoop Metabolic Drive
Postworkout: 5 BCAAs, 10g glutamine, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive blended with 1/4c oats & 1 tbsp natural PB (yummy!)

Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs
Snack: 1 tbsp natural PB
Lunch: 5.5oz 93% lean ground beef with ~1/4c guacamole, diet coke with lime
Afternoon Meal: 6oz 99% lean ground turkey with a little taco seasoning and 1 tsp mustard, 1/4c walnuts
Snack: 2 tbsp natural PB
Dinner: 3/4c egg whites, ~3oz 99% lean ground turkey, 1 slice cheese, 1/8c almonds


Did 45 mins of cardio this morning (8 min warm-up, 27 mins HITT/sprints, 10 min walking on incline). Felt good to do cardio since I haven't done any since Monday (I'm used to doing cardio 6-7 days/week, but I know I needed to cut back).

Took 5 BCAAs pre and post cardio, 10g glutmaine, 500mg vitamin C, and a B-complex vitamin post as well.

Breakfast: Bacon & cheese omelete with Egg Beaters (at work cafe)
Snack: 1 tbsp natural PB
Lunch: Lg salad with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, chopped black olives, celery, broccoli, ~2oz chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, ~1/4c chopped bacon, ~1.5 tbsp olive oil with vinegar, diet coke with lime
Snack: 1 tbsp natural PB
Midafternoon: ~6oz chicken breast with 2 packets of mustard, 1/4c chopped walnuts
Dinner: 1c green beans, 6oz 93% lean ground beef w/taco seasoning and tabasco
Snack: 2 tbsp natural PB

Does anyone know if Se7en is a stimulant? I had been on fat burners for about 4 months so I know I should take a break. Se7en doesn't have any caffeine, ephedra, etc in it, so I'm assuming it's not a stimulant, but I'd like to know for sure...


Trained chest, tris & abs this morning. Strength was pretty good surprisingly. Feeling great so far on the diet and enjoying it. I haven't been counting calories really, just making sure to get enough protein and fats.

For the most part, carbs have really only been green veggies and what is in nuts & naturalpeanut butter. I did add 1/4c oats to a shake the other day and had 1 slice of Ezeikel bread (12g carbs) PW this morning, but that's been it. Really anxious to see how next weekend goes. I need to take some pictures this weekend.

Preworkout: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 5 BCAAs, 1 Catabolin-19, 1 Se7en
Postworkout: 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 5 BCAAs, 10g glutamine, 500mg vitamin C, B-complex

Breakfast: Ham & cheese (2 slices) omelete (Egg Beaters) with tabasco
Lunch: Salad with ~3oz chicken, 1 hard boiled egg, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, onions, ~1/4c crumpled bacon, vinegar & ~1.5 tbsp olive oil, Diet Coke w/lime
Snack: 2 tbsp natural PB
Dinner: ~8oz sirloin steak w/~2 tbsp steak sauce (at Friday's), ~2 tbsp guacamole, 1c broccoli, diet coke
Snack: 1 tbsp Udo's, 1 scoop Metabolic Drive


Trained legs this afternoon and strength was good. Did 20 mins avg intensity on elliptical postworkout (HR 145-157).

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3.5oz 93% lean ground beef w/tabasco, 2 Flameout
Preworkout: 1.5 scoops Metabolic Drive & 2 tbsp natural PB, 5 BCAAs
Postworkout: 1/3c oatmeal mixed with 1 scoop Metabolic Drive, 5 BCAAs, 10g glutamine, 500mg vitamin C
Snack: 1/4c almonds
Dinner: ~8oz sirloin steak w/1 tbsp steak sauce, broccoli, mashed cauliflower w/garlic butter, diet coke
Snack: 2 tbsp natural PB


I've been posting my journal on the Figure Athlete site this week since it seems to be very active over there and nice to hear the ladies' experiences as well. I'll copy and paste my entries there later on.

Diet is going very well. Although I haven't had any cravings or been hungry much, I'm looking forward to my first carb up this weekend just for variety.

My aunt is having an Italian Family Feast Sunday afternoon, so I'm going to save my carb up for Saturday night (something I'm craving...maybe pizza) and Sunday afternoon's meal. I'll eat clean complex carbs during the in between times of those two periods. I'm planning about a 24 hour carb up unless something goes wrong and I spill over before that.

Got my delivery of Rev-Z and Surge today!!! So excited! Not sure how/when I'll use Surge yet, but I wanted to try some and it was backordered before I started this diet. Will definitely use it on carb-up days. Anxious to see if the Rev-Z helps me lose some of this stubborn lower body fat!


Woah! You've come along way and you look great. Keep up the good work. I've had some experience with the AD and have been following it's principles for about a year. As far as surge goes - how about using 1 scoop Surge with 1 scoop low carb Meatbolic Drive post workout.

That should cover your days worth of carbs on the days you're supposed to keep them low. For the weekends (or high carb days) use 2 scoops post workout.

For your carb loading days I would recommend the following :
- No Cardio
- Post workout Surge
- At least 2-3 meals post workout containing lots of carbs