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My Anabolic Diet Plan


Hey guys, im new here! I started this diet 2 days ago and need some advices. Firstly, let me introduce myself. Im 33 years old, 5'11, 170lbs, dunno about my BF. Im a hardgainer ectomorph. I've been on a 40p/40c/20f diet for a long time, but i feel like its time for me to try something else. So here is a sample of my diet:


1 tsp butter 4/0/0/35
4 eggs 20/0/24/284
4 bacon 38/0/24/400

spinach salad 0/0/0/7
2tsp olive oil 9/0/0/80
1tsp dressing 0/1/0/2.5
50g pepperoni 9/3/6/120
60g cheese 22/2/14/260
10g white almond 6.25/1/2.25/67.5

1tsp butter 4/0/0/35
rib burger 34/0/19/380
1cup green beans 0/4/2/50

1tsp butter 4/0/0/35
2 chicken tournedos 22/2/40/380
1cup green beans 0/4/2/50

Whey shake 1.5/3.5/24/124
120g cheese 44/4/28/520

casein shake 1/1/25/110
2tsp olive oil 9/0/0/80
40g white almond 25/4/9/270

TOTAL 252.75/29.5/219/3290

Cal from fat 69%
Cal from pro 26%

Is this sounds good? Please feel free to comment my diet. Any advices are welcome and would be very appreciated. I have a little problem getting my cal from pro up to 40%. I just made this diet by myself, its not rocket science. Feel free to post your diet, so i can get more ideas. Currently working on the carb up diet.

Thanks in advance guys,


First off, learn math. Hint, fat is 9 calories per.

Get the book. Your "replenishing glycogen" question is a good sign you are going on a wing and a prayer, instead of having read the diet. Hint again, it's called the "week end".

At your height and weight, you need more cals. CT has a write up where he explains how many calories you need.

You are pretty small, why the AD?

Lastly, learn to use google. Lots of threads where all our questions are answered.


honestly, you might want to take a look at carb-backloading (in a nutshell - low carb/ketogenic all day, lift in the afternoon/evening, then load up on protein and LOTS of carbs after training). It's way way way more complicated than that, but if you read the threads it seems to work great. I have been following a similar approach for about 6 months now, and it's the leanest and most muscular I've been my whole life. Definitely worth looking at. I just dont think a low carb diet is good when you want to gain mass, simply because of how highly anabolic insulin can be, especially when manipulated correctly.
If I wasn't in a weight dependent sport then I would follow CBL to a tee.


Too many carb haters creeping up lately...


Wow nice flamming bro. Why are you so mad? lol First off, im a math freak (im machinst) but i did goes with what it is writen on the package. 200cal, 19f, 7pro per 54g (2 slices). As for the carbs, i know you suppose to carb up during the weekend but i doubt this is going to be enough for the whole week, since glycogen will be depleted so fastly, way before the next weekend, am i right? As for google, hummm i guess im too lazy? Thanks anyways bro!


Thanks for your reply! Like i previously said, i've been on a 40/40/20 diet since many years. I've been eating clean carbs all day long, workout, then eat simple cabs right after my workout, then again 1 hour later, then casein before bed. I didnt said its not a good routine, but it doesnt seem to work fine for me, so i just wanted to a try a new approch.

Dunno if its because im a hardgainer.. Not to say that simple carbs/dextrose/maltodextrine/weightgainers tent to give me a belly more than anything else! Is the AD a good diet for hardgainers? Is it possible to put on lean mass and lose BF? I mean, i don't have a lot of fat to lose, like i said im an ectomorph, so it doent worth it losing my hard gained lean body mass.

Fat isnt really a concern for me. Is this diet only for those who want to lose fat (as well as LBM)? I've seen Titan has some great result with this diet. Sorry for my bad english.


It's not flamming.

Your question about glycogen is answered in the book and the basis of the AD. You WANT to be depleted. There is even an alternative ( Wednesday carb up) for people like you. Again, read the damn book.

You choose a diet because you understand the fundamentals behind it, not because you heard about it and it "sounds" good.

You said that your ratio is not good. You are at 63% fat. 243x9 then divide. According to your numbers that is. Nothing wrong with that.

The biggest problem is you. You are small. AD is not the best diet for bulking. It's doable, but eating well over 6000 calories a day is hard.

Hardgainer? Seriously? You don't eat enough. The numbers for the AD is for maintenance, at the most. Your problem right now, you are not eating enough. You want to put on muscle, then eat. Getting a little fat? Work out harder. Getting really fat? Checke your diet. It's not hard, but you have to put in the time to find out what your body responds to.

You also need to read the beginner section.


Great post.


Well if its not flamming its trolling... learn math, learn google, blablabla... all typical trolling sh!t... What can i say? learn how to read! i started my thread saying that i did read the other threads but its impossible to post question because apparently they've reached their max post or something... I do not want my thread to become an internet rats war, so if you are not to post anything relevant, then please do not post.


If you just read a bit more you would not say things like "Maybe this is why i feel so dizzy and tired" You know what you gonna face in the induction phase right? You can't try this for 12 days and see from there. You need to give it more time. You can gain weight on the AD but you must eat a lot more calories and that is after at least 1 month or 2. The first week take it easy on the weights and never do more than 45 min cardio.. After a month if your are very lean try to add a midweek carb-up meal and see how you do with that. READ the AD again and READ everything you can about not only the AD but low carb diets in general.


Your old approach to your diet is much different from CBL. With CBL you don't eat carbs all day, just protein and healthy fats (mostly coconut oil i think). Ideally you would train around 5ish in the afternoon. After you're done, you load up all the carbs for the day (I've heard of people getting up to 700-1000 grams in one night). At least this is what I've gathered from other threads.

So the trick is to stay keto during the day, and carb load at night. That's what makes that approach different. Ryan and Facko are the best people to talk to about this, they have both bulked up and stayed lean while doing it, and I'm pretty sure they were skinny (or skinnier) before they started bulking.
Either way, the best approach is to pick a plan, and stick to it. So if you don't get the results from the AD, then maybe you can try CBL next since it's a bit differnt from your previous high carb diet (in terms of nutrition timing). One thing is certain, in my experience, I've never seen hardgainers gain weight without carbs. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your imput. Sorry my bad, i missunderstood what you meant. Never heard of CBL before. I was getting complex carb during the day to keep insulin stable, and simple carb after workout to spike insulin.

I'm on my 3rd day on AD now, and what i can say is that i feel good so far. I bit tiered, but apparently its normal for the first weeks, until i get my first carb up. Wourkout have been great today! Im quite surprise. I even added a few pound to my deadlift. I was realy aware because my workout on day 1 was a complete mess. Dunno if its a placebo effect (i doubt my body starting addaptiing right now), but i feel stronger and bigger.


Hey there, thanks for your imput. I've been reading a lot on bb and nutrition, however, im far from being an expert. I understand the basics. In other hand, i have to admit that im new to AD. I discovered this diet about 2-3 weeks ago. Still reading on it since every single day. I could not wait any longer to give it a try, since i heard a lot of good thing about it. From my understanding, this diet is very anti-catabolic, and this is one of the reason im interested into it. As an ectomorph, i have a very fast metabolism. As i said i've been on 40/40/20 diet, with complex carb all day long to keep insulin stable, i've been able to put on some lean mass on this diet, but now i want more. So i decided to try another route. Its kinda try and fail now. Also i read that plentiful supply of fat causes insulin levels to remains low (which increases GH release) and is also linked to increased testosterone levels.

You're right about calories i should eat 4944cal to reach my goal, but im going to go easy on a high fat diet to see how my body react. But yeah, like you said, i will have to eat more in a month or so. Right now im eating about 3500. Im also going to try mid week carb meal. Cheers



I also suggest you get your hands on the book.

I think AD is a good choice for a bulking routine with minimal fat gain. You do have to eat a Shit-Ton of food to make it work though. Also for bulking I'd suggest extreme variance type weekends... (aka a lot of f*cking carbs)

During the induction phase don't count calories. Eat a shit-ton of fat. Your goal during this phase is to become a fat burner... And that's it. Eat until your full. You'll find that this will make the transition easier. Also drink water like its your job. This "becoming fat adapted" can take a month or two to pan out. You'll eventually have more energy in and out of the gym.

It will work but it takes work.

Get your hands on come MCt oil and/or coconut oil and take a tbs or 2 a day on the introduction and during the weekdays after that.

Don't be afraid of grass fed beef, nitrate free bacon, raw cheese, and eggs. They are your new friends.

Good luck,


You didn't read the other thread. Your questions are answered.

You didn't read the book either.

If you would have googled, you would have found the AD 2.0, where there is a lot of space to post questions. One of the posters above is a regular contributor.

Your glycogen question is a prime example that you didn't read much about the diet before doing it. You cannot run on ketones and glycogen at the same time.

As mentioned above, AD is not a bad diet to put on mass, the only problem is the amount of food you have to eat. Even CT had problems when he tried it. You are on the very small side, so get ready to stuff your face. As an example, Lee Haney competed at 245 lbs at 5'11". This is just an example. Imagine how good ou would look if you put 30 lbs of muscles instead of having the anorexic vampire look. Look up Rich Attonito (mma fighter). He is same height and weight. Is that what you want to aspire to?


Hey there, i just got my hand on the book! Damn there is a lot of reading.. Thanks for all the infos! I tweeked my diet a bit and i think it is pretty solid now! What supplement would you recommand on this diet? Im currently taking multi-vitamins, 5gBCAA/5gCreatine/5gNO PreWO, 5gBCAA/5gNO IntraWO, 5gBCAA/5gCreatine PWO, and casein before bed. Fish Oil would obviously be a great addition to this diet. What would be the best PWO meal for this diet? Any other recommendations? Thanks


Well actually my goal is not to weight 250lbs, but more something like 180-185, lean and athletic shape, just like George St-Pierre. GSP is 170lbs though.


I'm pretty sure he walks around at 190 - 195. Just saying.

Good Luck on your diet,


Yeah, the hours and hours he spends in the gym is mostly looking in the mirror anyways.....

OP, you probably have 30 lbs (if not more) of muscles to pack on. Have fun and good luck.


He is fighting in welterweight class 170lbs max.