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My Anabolic Diet Log.

I know one other person is doing a similar thread, but I wanted to start one of my own for discussion on my experience with it:

I got my physical and bloodwork done with a clean bill of health so I plan to start the AD tomorrow. I have all my shopping done and everything ready to go, with all my essential fish/flax oil supps.

I’m going to be using this diet for cutting, so I am going to start the intake at body weightx8-9 so 202x8-9=1616-1818kcal/day, divided among 6 meals, with any snack cravings being satisfied by miscellaneous chopped vegetables or celery w/ peanut butter.

My current stats are:
202 lbs
16% bf
33’ waist

I’ll be using my bf% and waste size as markers for my progress. I’ll do my first caliper while on the diet at the 30 day mark.

As for supplement use, I have decided to use flax capsules, Udo’s DHA blend, GNC brand multivits, my protein powder (50g protein, 3g carb per scoop), and I am going to order some HOT-ROX Extreme. I cut creatine out while on this diet to avoid bloating like the plague. I’m looking to keep my strength, not necessarily interested in volume until my cut is done. Please mention if you can suggest any other essential supps I’m missing.

As for substance use, I have decided only to take Albuterol. I have enough liquid albuterol for 16mg/day for a month, after which I’ll have to get some more (I decided against clen so I don’t get those damn jitters).

In terms of how much energy I’m going to have: I realize that making the switch from burning carbs to fat might cause a little bit of an energy deficit during the transitionary period, so if I start to feel severe fatigue or don’t have enough energy during my workouts, I’ll drop my lifting for a week or so to allow my energy to go up. If it doesn’t, I’ll increase my calories by a little bit.

I’ll be updating this regularly. Also, I plan to start a blog going into daily or bi-daily details of how my diet is progressing and such.

Please feel free to post if you have any constructive criticism in any area of this.

-Joey D