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My Anabolic Diet and Training Log

Hey T-Nation,

New to the forum and I wanna log both my training and diet here mostly for my own nirotic reasons but hopefully to get some input and advice as well, any is appreciated.


I wont bore you too much but basically used to be really fat, in High School used the CKD keto diet to recomp quite well down to 170lbs while growing 6 inches, stats at that point from October 10th, 2012 were 170lbs at 7% bf standing 5’11. Decided it was time to grow so start Carb Backloading as well as planning my second cycle. Basically put on a good amount of mass but fat with it, no matter how I arrange carbs they are my downfall, I can gain muscle with very little and store fat with equally as little. I don’t remember exactly when i started the cycle but it is as follows:

Week 1-6 test e 250mg a week
Week 1-6 tren e 400mg a week
Week 1-4 dbol 30mg a day
Week 6-14 test e 500mg a week
Week 6-12 tren e 500mg a week
Week 6-12 Winny 50mg a day
Week 1-14 Adex at 1mg ed, caber at 1mg a week, milk thistle, multivitamin, vit b6,vit b12

Results have been awesome blew up as expected from the DBOL but basically been recomping since, slowly the water and extra bf while getting strong as f*ck.

Current Stats and starting stats for my AD experiment are: 5"11 190lbs and bf measured at 10 percent via pod pod.

Today ss my third day under 30g a day carbs, I am very well fat adapted already and am not expecting to experience the crash.

The diet on training days will be 18xbw in cals to start as the recomendation by the book (3400 cals roughly)
Macros are 230f/under 30 total carbs including fiber/290-300 protein (62% fat/35%pro and 3% carbs
Non training days will probably be around 2800-3000 cals depending on weight that week.
Carb Ups are still kind up in the air Im thinking of doing thursday PWO and Friday PWO no carbs during the day thursday or friday just protein. Both carb ups will start clean ie rice and chicken or sweet potatoes and lean steak then move into whatever the hell I want staying high GI all night.

Training is 5 day split Probably gonna have my heaviest days Thursday (legs) friday (Back and Rear delts) and Saturday (chest and Shoulders. Monday with be upperbody and tuesday lower body split focusing mostly on isolations and overall depletion Sunday and Wednesdays will be full rest days.

How does this look guys??

( the two pictures were right before my last carb up at my most depleted and smallest, kind of embarasing but serve as good starting points for progress)