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My Alpha Male Cycle


I am posting this just so I can compare my gains at the end of the cycle. I will be starting tomorrow. I have been taking creatine (8g), L-glutamine (5g), bcaa (20g), and an ephedra containing commercial thermogenic (4 to 5 pills/ day)
I will be adding Alpha Male, Methoxy-7, and M.
I am cutting down for some competitions this summer starting in mid march. I am currently 5'9" and 173 lbs. Based on past body fat measurements I would guess I am somewhere between 6 and 7%. My goal is to gain strength (lean mass) while continuing to drop bf.
In the last week my lifts were:
dead: 365 x 7
squat: 235 x 8 (leg press 810 x 8)
bench: 225 x 7


So far I have two workouts in after starting. (legs and chest)

Legs went great! I know it was just b/c I was pumped up to start the supps but in my 4 work sets of squats I was able to add 2 reps to each. Going to be bumping the weight up next week.

On chest everything seemed normal no jumps like in legs. Only one and half days in so far so I know it is too early to have my test production reved up. On a side note I did have a zit on my upper lip by the end of the day on Monday. Coincedence? I hope so, otherwise I will be a muscular walking zit by the time the Alpha Male fully kicks in!