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My Adventure to Gain MASS


Today i decided to start my log here on T-Nation. Let me give you a little background info.
Currently i am 15 years old and i am relatively new to lifting (6 months). The first 4 months i followed a typical bodybuilding program. Lots of mirror work like the typical teenager. But these last two months i have been taking in all i can get on T-Nation. I am going to start CT's HP MASS. I'll Have to delay the full program for 2 weeks because right now i am in hockey playoffs right now. But for the next two weeks i will Perform one UB Pressing, one LB pressing, and one Foundation day per week. Here is my current stats:

Height: 5'10
Weight: 152 lbs
BF: 14%

Squat:205 lbs ATG
BP: 180 lbs
Deadlift:225 lbs
Standing MP:120 lbs

*Here is my current nutrition plan
7:00 am- Pro Complex weight gainer (1/2 serving)
11:00 am- Pro Complex weight gainer (1/2 serving)
2:50 pm- Some kind of nuts, yogurt, and quick absorbing carb
3:30 pm- TRAIN
5:00 pm- Pro complex weight gainer (1/2 serving)
5:30 pm- 10 oz Steak, Sweet potatoe, 2 cups Brocoli
7:30 pm- 6 oz Steak, White rice, 1 cup peas
9:00 pm-Slow absorbing protein, vegatable, and Multi-Vitamin

This is like a bastardized version of the Pulse feast and/or Intermittent Fasting. I chose to do this because I naturally love to binge eat and this way of eating is very physcologically pleasing to me. I also have gained considerable mass doing this

*Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated as you guys have more experience than me. So feel free to comment...



Neural charge workout

1a)Front squat explosive
80-90 lbs x 3 reps
1b)Incline plyo push up
x 3 reps
1c)DB swing
30 lbs x 3 reps

  • Wanted to try front squats today because i want to start doing them in HP MASS because i need to target my quads for hockey.
  • I also have a question for anyone who will answer:
    Should i stop the neural charge workout when i feel like i have to do more?


What's the makeup of that diet you have there, like the calories and macro profile?


My macro count is as follows:
Protein: ranges from 180-215g
Carbohydrates: About 300g
Fat: 85g
Calories: ranges from 2640-2780


Upper body pressing

Incline plyo push up
Seated MP press
45x3 65x3 75x2x3 85x2x3 95x2x3 100x3 90x2x3 95x2x3 100x3
Incline BP
115x3 130x3 120x2x3 125x2x3 130x3
Bench Press
140x3 130x2x3 135x2x3 140x3 130x2x3 135x2x3 140x3
115x3 135x3 145x3 155x3 165x3 145x3 155x3 165x3

*Didn't follow a specific wave load, i just auto-regulated today based on my rep performance and how i was feeling. My numbers are little lower then i like them to be but i'll just keep on working and maintaining them because i cannot commit to a full program right now because of the Hockey season.



Lower body w/ a little Lats and Bi's
*Had to workout at the school gym today so i did what i could do with the football team in there.

135x3 155x3 165x2x3 175x2x3 185x2x3 195x2x3 205x2x3 225x3 PR!!!!!!!!!!!
*My prior 1RM was 225 and now it is my 3RM, even though i left some in the tank for front squats
4 sets 8-12
95x3 105x3 115x3 125x3 135x3 PR!!
*This was my first max for front squats because this was my third time doing them so i didnt know what to expect.

*Today was an ok day. My diet was a little off too because my family and i went to a buffet, so i didn't eat good. The only good thing i did was eat it right after my workout so that it will manipulate my insulin.



Lats and Bi's
*Today i was kinda of getting the feel for the HPM Lat's and Bi's workout.

DB Pullover
35x12 50x10 60x6 55x8
Lat pull supersetted w/ straight arm pulldown
100x12 110x10 110x8 100x8
40x10 40x10 40x9 40x7
*Held the Lat pull contraction for 2 seconds. I have never felt my back like this, so im pretty excited.
Preacher curl w/ partials
40x12 50x8 50x6
Hammer curl w/ mid point hold
25x10 25x8 25x7

*So overall pretty good workout except for the pullovers. They felt weird and im not sure if it is because of my form or it is one of the first times i've ever done them.


Neural charge workout

Box jumps
High pull
55x2x3 60x2x3 65x2x3 70x3
Hockey jumps

*I felt way better after this


Looks good man, I think having the carbs high like you have while gaining is a good idea.

Great work with the lifting man, keep up the good work


Thanks man



Speed Squat
95x2x3 100x2x3 110x3
DB Push Press
Frog Jumps

Haven't been able to have a real workout in two days because of hockey playoffs, so i have been doing NC workouts. I actually feel really good in my games. It seems that i have an extra jump in my stride.


Lower Body Pressing

Front Squats
45x3 75x3 85x3 95x3 105x3 115x3 95x2x3 105x2x3 115x2x3 95x3 105x3 115x3 95x3
*Felt good with these. The reps felt fast so i kept going. Don't have a hockey game till saturday so thought i would get my lower body stuff today
135x3 175x3 155x3 165x3 175x3 155x3 165x3 175x3 155x3
These felt good and fast.
Military Press
45x3 65x3 75x3 85x3 95x3 85x2x3 90x3
*Stopped them right here because i started to struggle with 90, so i called it a day.

*Overall not a bad workout


*I haven't been on this for a while because i've been slacking on recording my workouts, but today i am starting my test week for HPM, so i am back in it.

Overhead press test day
Military press
45x3 65x3 75x2x3 85x3 95x3 100x3 105x2
calculated MTW:90lbs

Random circuit:
Push press- 65x3 75x3 85x3
Military press shrugs version- 65x3 75x3 85x3
TRX rear delt flies- BWx8-10

Max reps circuit(repeat twice):
Dead start laterals- 6-8 reps
Standing laterals- 6-8 reps
Dead start front raises- 6-8 reps
Standing front raises- 6-8 reps

*Overall felt pretty good, I bought some BCAA's and i am pretty excited to get back into it.


Front squat test day

Power cleans
45x3 65x3 75x2x3
*Figured i would use these to warm up since front squats and cleans have a similar movement pattern.

Front squat
75x3 85x3 95x3 115x3 125x3 135x3 145x3
New PR! 145lbs. That is up 10 from last week.
Calculated MTW: 120lbs

*Overall, I am pretty physched about starting HPM with my new PR's and i cant wait to get some new ones even more.


Neural Charge Workout

Close grip incline push ups
Speed Squat
115x2x3 125x2x3 130x2x3
*These felt slow in the beginning because im probably sore from yesterday
One Arm DB Clean

*I felt pretty shitty today, but this brought me back up. I have close grip press test tommorow, so i wanted to emphasize the same pattern in the neural charge workout.


Close grip bench press test
*Felt like shit goin into this, so i tried to focus but my dad was downstairs with me while i was lifting weights and kind of distracted me. I did the best with what i had.

Close grip bench press
45x3 65x3 75x3 85x2x3 95x2x3 105x3 115x3 125x3 135x3 145x3 150x1.5
*145 is my new 3rm. This was the first time i tried to max out on this lift, so i will probably progress alot more.
Calculated MTW: 125lbs rounded

Current MTW's so far:
Military press: 90lbs
Front Squat: 120lbs
Close grip bench press: 125lbs
*Next up i got Deadlifts tommorow and good ol' bench press friday.
*One more thing... I got a question for anybody out there that will answer. Is is it ever ok to go the Mcdonalds dollar menu if you are running a bit short on calories for the day. My reason for asking this is that today i didn't quite eat as much as usual and I came back from hockey practice and on my way home i got two mcchickens off the dollar menu and i told them to hold the mayo. I felt like i had to do it because i didn't want to go into a caloric defecit .


Deadlift test day
*I was little tired from my late hockey practice last night but it didn't affect my performance.

135x2x3 155x2x3 175x3 185x3 205x3 225x3 245x3 PR!! 185x3 205x3 185x3
*My hamstrings were really tight during these
*I felt that my abs were way more pumped and i felt really good doings AB work after deadlifts.
Calculated MTW: 195lbs

*Overall it was a pretty good day. I PR'ed again on the Deadlift, so im pretty excited to see how much i improve over the course of the next 6 weeks. I wouldn't be suprised if i can increase my deadlift by 40 pounds considering i stay on the program. Tommorow, Bench press


Bench press test day

95x3 105x3 115x3 125x3 135x3 145x3 155x3 160x2
*Reps felt easy and fast even though i was still a little sore from close grip bench press day.
Isolation circuit
Seated dead stop laterals x10reps
Standing laterals x8reps
Seated dead stop front raises x8reps
Standing front raises x8reps

Final calculated MTW'S:
Overhead press:90lbs
Close grip bench press:125lbs
Bench press:140lbs
Front squat:120lbs

*Lats and bis tommorow


Lats and Bi's
*Wasn't able to make it to the gym today, so i improvised at home...

Wide grip pull ups
4 sets of 6-8 reps
*On the last set i had to do just partials because i couldn't complete a full rep. I need to work on my pull ups so from now on i am going to do 2-3 sets of 6 reps everyday.
Kroc rows
*These are fun and i could feel the burn in my lats a ton.
Preacher Barbell Curls
45x15 50x12 55x12 w/partials 55x7 w/partials 55x7 w/partials
Alt.DB Hammer curls

*I did with what i had, but overall good workout.


Upper body pressing Week 1 Day 1

DB Snatches
Overhead Press staggered w/Overhead position trap raises
45x3 50x3 60x3 70x3 80x3 90x3 80x3 85x3 90x3 80x3
Close grip bench press staggered w/ rear delt raises
95x3 105x3 115x3 125x3 115x3 120x3 125x3 115x3
Bench press staggered w/ external rotations
125x3 135x3 140x3 130x3 135x3 140x3 130x3
Front squat
55x3 80x3 90x3 100x3 110x3 120x3 100x3 110x3 120x3 100x3
*Thought i would use only 20lb drops because 40lbs seems to low considering how low my front squat.
*These felt hard and not as fast as usual

*Workout was good, i was focused and therefore it was very fast paced. My heart was pumpin so i got a little cardio in as well (Even though i never do it).