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My Achilles Heel Tendinopathy

My achilles heel is literally my achilles heel.

-achilles tendinopathy/tendonitis for about the past 2 years
-numerous ankle sprains
-numerous impact trauma to the ankle (Im a semi pro soccer player and have been on the receiving end of many sliding tackles)
-reduced mobility of the ankle.
-ankle arthroscopy surgery in 2010 for anterior ankle spurs and general clean out.
-I also have posterior ankle spurs that can irritate the back of my heel at sometimes

What I have been trying?
-eccentric heel raises
-rolling my plantar fascia and knee to wall drills before any training.
-rest. I have rested the achilles for over 3 months which helps, but the problem returns quickly, especially once I start playing soccer again.


  • What else is there that I can do?
  • Will myofascial work on my calf/achilles area be of any benefit?