My Absence

I haven’t been the most religious T-poster so it would make sense if no one noticed I wasn’t doing much forum wise for the last couple weeks.
Well I was in the hospital and now I have to go off to Columbus for a week long scholar-gifted-leadership-council-future leaders-…I can’t go on describing it without wanting to cut off my penis.
When I get back I’ll post my plan for bouncing back after three weeks of not being able to train or balance my own repas.
Till then…

No offense Sergious. Didn’t notice you were gone.

Thanks for letting us know.

Don’t cut off your penis.

Hey Buddy
Rather than cut off your penis how about you grow a set of balls and visit Westside!
Presuming of course that you are going to Columbus Ohio.
If not then I am an idiot.

Pick up “Combat Conditioning” and keep on working out while you are there. No sense letting any time go to waste holmes.