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My Abs


my body fat is too high for me to see my abs, so how do i know if i got a good set under there?


Really?.....Only way you'll know is to cut weight through diet and cardio to be able to see if you have a good "set" under there.

And what do you mean by good? Like arranged in proper order? or to see if you really do have 8 abdominal muscles?

Really anyone will have a "good" set of abs if they can lower their body fat % to show.


Flex your abs and get a friend to hit you in the gut with a bat. If you feel no pain, then you're good.


Trust me. Its how i got my biceps.


If you have a good set, you should be able to feel the ridges through the fat. My BF% is at 20% right now, but I have a very developed 6 pack which I can feel through.


are you serious?


thanks for all the sarcasm. i knew i should not take advice from other fat people. i just want to know how my abs are doing under there


What is it you want to do with them? You seem as if they're comfy enough where they are so leave them alone.

Now, if you want to be able to see them then stop asking dumbass questions and lose some body fat. Us fatties just want to be left in peace with some cake.


Asking about how to get awesome abs on T-Nation...

Unlike Samuel Adams, this is always a bad decision.


What do you mean "good set?" Your set is just fine. The problem is that it's covered in fat. Lose the damn fat if you want to see your abs. If you're happy with them covered in fat, then leave the fat right where it is... which is right over your good set of abs.


Just do some core work to ENSURE you have strong abdominals.


hey prick, i am pretty sure i am smarter than you so if i say this question is not dumbass then it isnt. you think your an ab expert? i will lose fat when i choose to thanks for fucking nothing. some people seem to think that we are all born with sexy abs and all we need to do is lose body fat, but i heard different, and saw different too. the problem is that the people answering are beginners


Unless you're one strong-ass motherfucker, your abs probably aren't doing all that well under there. If you are strong as shit but you've got a gut, then you probably have strong abs that allow you to lift a pretty heavy load during squats and deadlifts. But if you really want to know how they're doing, strip some fat off and see for yourself what's going on under there.


If you aren't concerned with cutting some fat then the best way to find out how strong your abs are is to look at how much you can squat and deadlift. These two exercises require a ton of compressive loading on the spine and your abs help stabilize yourself during the movement. Like I said, if you can lift a ton of weight on these exercises, especially if it's a lot of weight compared to other guys about your height, weight and bodyfat count, then your abs probably are strong, you just have a layer of fat over them.

You can have strong abs without having a rippling six pack. Look at some of the top powerlifters and storngmen. They won't win any bodybuilding competitions, but they clearly have strong abs that allow them to move some serious fucking weight.



you are getting mad at people ON THE INTERNET. relax.

this is a pic of my brother. he's about 170lbs right now. he rarely if ever does direct ab work. he does do heavy squats and deads though. so who knows


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