My 915

So I have set a goal for myself to to lift 1000lbs total this year. (PL total)

My training background is mostly sports and performance based. Strength/power sports with endurance, ie. Rugby/hockey/football. The fall of 2014 is the first time in 2 years I have been able to squat pain free, and squat heavy. I had hip flexor issues on the left side, and a subluxed (or maybe just shifted) SI joint on my right. Lots of self-rehab went into these injuries, as well as AT and Osteo, and the healing process was definitely slowed due to a stint in CrossFit (self-inflicted, not CrossFit induced) and continuing with my sport, which is high-impact. I have never competed in Powerlifting or any fitness related sports, but would consider it if I hit this goal. I plan to continue playing rugby through this journey, and hope to use the powerlifting training as a preventative measure against injury.

I recently did 6 weeks of 20 rep squats, where I worked up to my previous 5RM 20 times. I RECOMMEND THIS FOR EVEYONE. It feels amazing. You’ll love it… ha.

Squat: 285
Bench: 210
DL: 364

= 859

BW starting: 165lbs

Max Power Clean: 195lbs (The same as my Clean. Limited huge by a lousy front squat.)

I will only post work sets, and will update weekly.

Week 1.

Day 1: Bench/Squat Day

Bench Press: 170lbs 5sets 4reps

Push Press: 115lbs 5sets 5reps

Front DB Raise (my shoulders are little): 17.5lbs 5sets 8reps

Squat (focus on technique out of the hole): 225lbs 5sets 2reps

Day 2: Deadlift Day

Deadlift: 291lbs 5sets 4reps

Deficit Deadlifts: 243lbs 5sets 5reps

Bulgarian Split squats (12" box): 106lbs (24kg KBs) 5sets 8reps

The hardest part of this day was by far the Split Squats. After doing 10 sets of strapless deadlifts my grip was toast. It helped that I used a hookgrip on the deadlifts but still…


Day 3: Power Cleans (I had to do these day 3 instead of 4 due to access to equipment.)

Power Cleans: 145lbs 5sets 2reps

Front Squat: 165lbs 5sets 5reps

Face Pulls: 100lbs 5sets 8reps

Definitely limited by my posture on the front squats/power cleans. Took me a while to figure that one out.

REST/activeRECOVERY (snowboarding… whoooo)

Day 4: Squat/Bench Day

Squat: 230lbs 5sets 4reps

Paused squats: 205lbs 5sets 5reps

Squat Hold: 315lbs 5sets 3reps

Mid-Pause-Explode Bench Press: 170lbs 5sets 2reps


I can’t wait to hear feedback.

You quote your max lifts.

Are they actual 1RMs or did you estimate them?

Were these done close to the beginning of your 915 cycle or are they older?

Were they done with very solid form or did you have some form breakdown?

I’m asking because it is important not to overestimate your 1RM to calculate your training weights. It’s better to be 10lbs under than 5lbs over or even use a real max, but that was a mega-grinder.

Those were all tested the week before starting, and with tight form. I’ll post videos of the squat and deadlift tonight or tomorrow. I’d love to hear your critique!

EDIT: I have a video of the power clean as well, so I’ll post that

285 lb Squat PR, other videos coming

364lb Deadlift PR


195lb Power Clean

[quote]BenjaminRobinson wrote:
285 lb Squat PR, other videos coming[/quote]

Don’t know why the video didnt attach

Week 2/3/4

Day 1: Bench Press/Squat Day

Bench Press: 170lbs 5x5
Push Press: 115lbs 3x5 120lbs 2x5
Front Dumbbell Raise: 17.5lbs 5x8
Paused Squats: 225lbs 5x2

Day 2: Deadlift Day

Deadlift: 291lbs 5x5
Deficit Deadlift: 243lbs 5x5
Bulgarian Split Squat: 106lbs 5x8

Day 3: Rest/Recovery

Day 4: Power Clean Day

Power Clean: 155lbs 5x3
Front Squat: 165 5x5
Face pulls: 100lbs 2x8 110lbs 3x8

Day 5: Rest/Recovery

Day 6: Squat Day

Squat: 230lbs 5x5
Paused Squats: 205lbs 5x5
Supramax Squat hold: 315lbs 5x3
Mid-Pause Bench Press: 170lbs 5x3

Day 7: Rest/Recovery

Okay, that was actually 2 weeks ago. Last week I got a cold and didn’t train (I didn’t even work, barely got off the couch). So this week I’m going to re-do week 2 (rep-for-rep) and move on to week 3 in week 5. Make sense?

The only changes I made for my second go at week 2 are:

Day 1

  • The 5th set of Bench Press on day 1 I could only get 4 reps
  • All sets of push press were done at 120lbs
  • Paused squats 225x5x3

Day 2

  • Used straps for the deficit deadlifts. My hands decided to peel that day.

Day 4

  • All sets of face pulls were done with 110lbs

Thats it Thats all

See you next week

Week 3

Day 1: Deadlift Day

Deadlift: 291lbs 5x6
Deficit Deadlift: 254lbs 5v5
Bulgarian Split Squat: 106lbs 5x8

Day 2: Rest/Recovery

Day 3: Rest/Recovery

Day 4: Power Clean Day

Power Clean: 155lbs 5x4
Barbell Front Squat: 165lbs 3x5 175 2x5
Face Pulls: 110lbs 5x8

Day 5: Bench Press/Squat Day

Bench Press: 170lbs 2x6, 2x5, 1x3
Push Press: 120lbs 5x5
Front Dumbbell Raise: 15lbs 5x8
Paused Squats: 225lbs 5x5

Day 6: Squat/Bench Press

Squat: 230lbs 5x6
Paused Squats: 205lbs 5x5
Supramax Squat Hold: 315lbs 5x3
Mid-Pause Bench Press: 170lbs 5x4

Day 7: Rest/Recovery

Week 4

Day 1: Squat/Bench Press

Squat: 255lbs 3x2
1.5 Squats: 185lbs 2x3, 195lbs 3x3
Squats with chains: 225lbs 60lbs Chains 3x3
Bench Press: 175lbs 5x2

Day 2: Deadlift

Deadlift: 330lbs 3x2
Sumo Deadlift: 287lbs 5x3
Rack Pull below the knees: 365lbs 3x3

Day 3: Rest/Recovery

Day 4: Power Clean Day

Power Clean: 155lbs 5x5
Hang Clean: 135lbs 1x5 145lbs 4x5
Clean Pull: 295lbs 3x3

Day 5: Rest Recovery

Day 6: Bench Press/Squat

Bench Press: 190lbs 3x2
Incline Bench: 145lbs 5x3
Decline Bench: 205lbs 2x3 195lbs 1x3
Squat: 235lbs 5x2

Day 7: Rest/Recovery