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My 90 Day Transformation Program

Hi Everyone
This is my first workout log on this forum. I have trained for quite a few years. In my younger days I trained regularly. Now I train in my own home with my home gym set up.
Well a friend of mine has spent some time in prison and sports a pretty good physique, well a long story short, he has written program for to follow, which I will write in my next thread.
Oh just as a side note, I used to train in the same gym as Flex Lewis.
Cheers for now.


Okay today is:
Barbell curls.
Dumbbell curls.
Dumbbell hammer curls.
(Use the above exercises in any order).
Deck of death - see day one.

Sit ups.40-30-20.
Forearm planks.1 minute.
Twist crunches.40-30-20.
Spider planks.40-30-20.

All done for today.


Yesterday was:
standard push ups with stands - the stands are 24 inches apart.
Deck of death ( deck of cards ).
Aces = 15 reps each.
Jokers = 50 reps each.
Numbered cards = 2 - 10.
Face cards = 10.

Barbell bench press.
100 reps.
Use a weight that you can do 20 - 25 reps with.

Barbell incline press.
100 reps.
Use the same weight as above.


Okay, today is everyone’s favourite body part and that is LEGS, lol.

barbell squats.
20 down.
Use a weight where you can do 15 reps.
(20 down, do 20 reps then do 19, 18, 17 reps, etc…all the way down to 1 rep with under 30 seconds between sets).

Bodyweight calf raises with your feet flat on the floor.
200 reps.

Well that’s it for today, more tomorrow.
All in the best of health and fitness.


okay today is time for shoulders and neck.

Seated dumbbell side raises.
Deck of death - see day one for details.

Neck harness.
3 sets of 30 reps.


Hi everyone, well onto to today’s workout.

REST , that’s right, did nothing today just rest and eat. Back to the grind tomorrow.


back training today.

This circuit = 3 times.
Wide grip pull ups: up to 8 reps.
Standard grip pull ups: up to 8 reps.
Chin ups: up to 8 reps.
(10 second rest between exercises).
(30 seconds between circuits).

This circuit = 5 times.
Barbell bent rows: 10reps.
Explosive barbell bent rows: 10reps.
(5 second negative).
1 arm dumbbell rows: 10reps.
(10 second rest between exercises).
(30 second rest between circuits).

Dumbbell bent raises.
3 sets of 10 reps.

Dumbbell pullovers.
3 sets of 10 reps.

Standard push ups.
5 sets of 20 reps.
(Around 10 second rest between sets).


Okay onto the next work out, chest today.

standard push up with stands - stands are 24 inches apart.
25 DOWN.
(This is like the 20 down workout but this time you start with 25 reps and work down to 1 rep).

Barbell incline press.
100 reps.
(Use a weight for 20 - 25 reps).

Barbell bench press.
100 reps.
(Use the same weight as above).

Until next time.


Today we’re starting our second week, today is:
What do we need today, that’s right it’s a REST DAY.
Today, rest and eat.


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Awesome, looks painful and simple. Keep it up! How about before and after pics too? 90 days of this will make a big difference.

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Damn that volume looks brutal!

In to see how this high rep simple workouts work for you

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Hey hustlinghat93
Thanks for the reply.

I am enjoying the workouts and enjoying it at the moment.


yes another rest day today. Getting ready for the workouts ahead.

Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying the programs they are following.


Hi jdm135

Thanks for the reply.

It will be cool to see the difference in ny physique when all the 90 days are over.

I am hoping for some change, of course I am not naive to think I will beRonnie Coleman when I finish, I wish.

However there should be some change in which I am looking forward to.

Thanks again.


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Hi all
Sorry for not being on here but I have been away working but now I am back and working near my home.
So now I can concentrate on my workouts as well as my night job.
Thanks again for being patient.


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