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My 8 Year Transformation - Becoming a Physique Champion

My 8 year transformation. In the first pic i had been training hard for 1 year. the second pic was when i placed 2nd at a NPC proqualifier. Let me know what you guys think!


First, little weird getting physique advice from random folks on the Internet when you’re placing high in National physique shows, but really glad to have you here anyhow.

This is gonna sounds contrary to most bodybuilding common sense, but I think your delts are overpowering your arms and chest, so maybe considering de-emphasizing them for a bit?

What input have judges been giving you after contests?

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I don’t know, personally I think there’s never too much delts!

@prince-a nothing much to say obviously you look awesome…


Solid as fuck. Those delts are insane!

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What u running? Looking great, an ideal physique!

Excellent transformation. You look great. Good conditioning. As Chris said delts are a bit overpowering. i would say rather gain more mass on your arms as I think that how men’s physique is now headed. Larger arms than even classic competitors.


The top physique guys are too big for classic now. Can’t even make weight. This division is a joke

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Fully agree! Its very sad to see, the top 3 classic guys look like 212 bodybuilders but with boxers.

Did you see that they made a announcement for Mens Physique? they are apperently desizing the standard. which is weird because Andre and Brandon placed top 2 at the Arnold, and they are the biggest guys lol.

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Thank you very much! I agree… i have really bad biceps structure and i am trying to bring them up. Its strange, because my forearms are big, but not my biceps lol.

But thats the beauty of the sport, just chase your goal day by day.

thank you my man!

Thank you very much! Ive always had big delts, which makes it very hard to bring up my biceps.

Well, it is a subjective sport and i thought that the people in this forum has a passion for bodybuilding :smile:

The feedback i got from the judges was that everything looks good, but i need to work a little on my thickness. i have been struggling to get in good shape as well (do not be fooled by the picture)

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Big forearms are rare, and at least to my extent, a good thing!

Yeah biceps might be the only thing. We can see that you work legs. Honestly this is for me, an ideal, perfect physique

For the most part, sure. You might want to think about keeping a training log over in the Bodybuilding forum leading up to your next show to get more specific advice from competitors.

From everything I’ve heard, following their input usually pays off.

Your delts are popping, without a doubt. Your chest seems relatively shallow comparatively.

The dude who won the overall at that show, the guy who won the overall in the Arnold when you placed third, and the overall winner at your last show, all had, I think, fuller pecs that helped round out their upper body.

To be fair though, there’s a decent chance I’m just talking out of my ass and a bit out of my depth. I’m simply saying what stood out on first inspection.

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totally agree with you!

Chest is something that i have been working on since day one, but i think i am going to back off the shoulder training for a bit, to enhance the chest. Think thats the only way for me to bring them up…

Lets hope that the next competition goes well ( Well, my next NPC show in Denmark is probably going to be cancelled due to Corona virus… they are currently cancelling shows in europe)

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Love and peace

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Tryna get like you bro

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just keep pushing every day bro!

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