My 8 Month Transformation

Hey guys, I thought i would post photos of my 8 month transformation. Let me know what you guys think!
I started with a 2 month cut, then bulked for 4 months, now i just finished a second 2 month cut for summer. I was aiming for 10-12% body fat. I stepped on a BF scale at my gym, unfortunately it said i was 16%… I dont think its right though…

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You look good. Great job.

Don’t worry about what those BF% machines say–they are notoriously inaccurate. Even better, don’t worry about your BF% (ie, the number) at all–just go by how you look in the mirror/pics. If you see more fat than you’d like to, your BF% is too high. If you’re satisfied with how you look, your BF% is just right.

mad transformation man

…From zero to hero. Now it’s time to pack on some size

Almost looks like one of those photoshopped hydroxycut transformations. Crazy how much more squared your chest looks after dropping the lard. Awesome work.

Awesome transformation! Would you be willing to share more information on your cutting and bulking phases. I have similar physique to your “before” pic and have not been able to lose the fat. I train 5 days per week with a trainer so I know my problem is primarily nutrition related. I’m sure I am under-eating for the amount that I train. Age may play a part too. I’m 51 and was a couch potato until 2 years ago so I have started from scratch. I’m 5’8" and weigh 160lbs. My body fat is 19% and it has been stuck there for at least 8 months. Thanks in advance.

If you’re not losing bodyfat, you aren’t under eating. You may, however, be making poor food choices. How much have you read about diet on this site? Do you count your macros? Do you have a diet you’re actually following? I’m trying to gauge how much effort you’ve put in to losing fat.

I would also suggest starting a thread in the nutrition section of this website. Don’t answer these questions here, start a new thread and tag me.

One final thing: I can guarantee you that the OP here did not have bulking and cutting phases in the 8 month period of his transformation. I would be he was shedding fat and gaining lean muscle simultaneously. Either that, or he lost the fat quickly, and then started putting on new muscle following that without ‘bulking’, just staying lean.

Awesome transformation! What was your diet like? What kind of a deficit were you on and how was your macro adjustments during this time for cutting?

Thanks for the reply flip. Couldn’t figure out how to tag so here is the link to my post.

Updated physique, off the cut and eating maintenance to 100 cals over.

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Almost a year goes by and no one mentions that the most impressive transformation is the shower curtain.

Congrats man… skinny but very impressive recomposition…