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My 6 Weeks Out Pic!


let me know what do you think bros!


looking pretty solid so far

how about more pics and some stas to go along with them


Holy erect nipples, Batman!


Lookin' good... except for that distracting tat.


LOL x2

But good progress


Jesus christ I did not notice those nipples until you mentioned it but dayam! You could cut glass with those!



Ignore the idiotic comments above, you look solid. However please post a leg and back shot


Idiotic would have been pointing out the huge zit on his left pec. Pointing out his huge, cut-through-glass nipples is just observent. Additionally, he joined this month and only has one posts. I'm betting troll.


What do his nipples have to do with bodybuilding?

This guy is about to go on stage, why shake his confidence with something that's irrelevant and he can't control?

OP, as I said earlier post the required photos


yeah probably a troll... but those nips are insane! did you do anything to bulk them up like that? lol





is that gyno? i'm not implying anything, i'm just asking