My 6 weeks cycle logs


I am starting a new cycle for 6 weeks, i will try to provide as much information about my stats, training, nutrition, supplementation and compounds. i will take some photos later and try to update photos weekly and progress logs as much as possible. My goal is more strength and lower fat.

This is my third cycle and my 4th transformation plan. Please feel free to comment or advice or even say WTF.

a bit of a background, i am 31, when i was a young i was fat, it get up to the point where i was 20 i weighed at 128KG, i went through a very harsh diet (milk, salad and Lean protein) and training weights and shit loads of cardio and within 12 months i lost 35KG. i was training on/off since but in the last 4 years it was mostly training with the occasional off period.

December last year i did my first cycle, it was a bit hardcore for a first cycle “i was stupid then and still consider my self ignorant”, i did a 6 weeks Deca, Tren, Primo, Test cycle, i had 10Ml each with a bit more Test. it was a good cycle, i had some pretty good results i managed to gain size and loose fat but probably half the size was water and i lost a few KG of “water pump” within 4 weeks of ending my cycle. i got my BF down from 23% to 19~18%. no Gyno problems but The shut down was a bitch! straight after my cycle, my C**K was only useful to take a piss, but its on cycle i was horney all the time and i shagged a lot :slight_smile: . i supplemented with Clomid, Arimidex ,ZMA and Tribulus and within 2 weeks i had my first erection smile:

end of Feb - March i did T3, Clen, wini for 6 weeks, first 3 weeks were amazing, i dropped BF by 3%, and then had terrible injuries, a holiday, shit diet and 2 weeks finishing off wini and T3 with only 4 training sessions. i am not sure of the injuries are caused by t3 or clomid but i would never do any of the 3 supps again.

My current stats are:
31 years
Weight 76 KG ~ 167.551 Pound
Height 180CM ~ 5, 10"
not sure BF but 15% range.

deadlift 1 rip max is 150KG on good day
bench press 1 rip max is 105 KG
Squat is 110 kg “with bad form :(, i have bad knees and i cant go as deep with + 80 KG”

my cycle is Tren based and i have the following:
1 Testomastren (TTM) 400 10 ml, each 1 ml contain

  • Testosterone Eanathate: 200mgs
  • Trenbolone Eanathate: 100mgs
  • Masteron Eanathate: 100mgs

2 Tri-Tren (TT) 150 20 ml, each 1 ml contains
-50mg Tren Acetate
-50mg Tren Enanthate
-50mg Tren Hex

week 1:
Monday and Thursday total of 200 Test - 100 Mast - 200 TrenE - 100 TrenA - 100 TrenH (400Tren)

week 2 - 5:
Monday and Thursday up the total dosage to 300 Test and 600 Tren - 100 Mast

week 6, Monday only. 200 Test 100 Tren - 100 Mast.

i am planning to start the clomid as soon as Tuesday week 6.

in terms of training:

morning light cardio as soon as i wake up 10-15 minutes (either a run or body weight circuit)

i will train chest and tri 1 day, back and bi on 1 day, legs and shoulders 1 day, alternate abs and obliques and rest for 1 day. and repeat, i will do cardio on chest and back day as either a 5 km HITT or a 30 minutes circuit or 30 minutes raw, non on legs. rest day is not all out really rest its cardio and HITT chest and back.

for first 2 weeks i will do German Volume Training, super sets 10 rips @ 60% 1 RMax with 90 seonds rest between super sets,
Chest i will super set 10 bench press sets with dumbbell raw 5 each arm.
Legs i will super set 10 squats sets with alternating pull ups and push ups.
back, dead lift normal 10 sets * 10 reps.
after the GVM i will finish off the muscle group with 2-3 more exercises and then the other muscle group.

the reason for 2 weeks is that ive already been doing GVM for 4 weeks and i want to finish a 6 week,

by this stage i think the gear would have kicked in real good and i will start training with normal sets trying to smash my 1 RM and add more rips.

in terms of diet,
Breakfast after morning cardio a high carb protein shake. black coffee or green tea
meal 2 4 eggs + grapefruit
meal 3 salad + tuna or cottage cheese + green tea
4:30 -5 Training. followed by high carbs protein shake
low carb protein shake or cottage cheese before bed.

i will do fish, lean stake or lean chicken 2-3 times a week and will eat some nuts, have some berries and bananas with the shakes.

basically lots of 5-6 small meals with a constant supply of high protein low to moderate fat and minimal carbs. i will update carbs later if i feel i dont have energy to kill my it when training.

hope i didn’t miss anything, but i will keep this post updated and post photos later, i am planning to start on monday, wish me luck.

please let me know your thoughts and advice.