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My 6 Month Plan

Thought I’d beat the new-years-resolution crowd and seek advice regarding my goals for the first half of 2007.

Current stats: 220lbs 20% BF (estimate)
Goal stats: 220lbs+ sub 15% BF

I’m 6 feet 7 inches if that’s relevant.

So at minimum I would need to lose about 12 pounds of fat and gain the same amount in LBM.

Are my goals lofty, attainable or should I shoot for more?

How should I cycle bulking/cutting/maintenance for the coming 6 months? Would the Anabolic Diet be suitable for my needs?

In regards to training I’ll probably cycle through Waterbury programs according to what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks in advance!

Hey man. No ones answered, here i come…

I thought first ‘220lbs, quite a big mother’, then i saw you’re 6’7 at that weight, so i don’t know, but i guess you’re a bit skinny fat yeah? There’s an article called ‘skinnyfat’-something that’s good. Also, search for Shugart’s FFB handbook with regards to living leaner than 20% BF.

For my money i’m smaller than you, but used to be fat so now i get fat quite easily in gaining times. I’ve read up and it seems to me that the Velocity diet- to really lean out- and then living on the Anabolic Diet (not for the impatient or conservative) is the path i’m taking. I’m adapted to the AD now, though it takes time. After Xmas i’m gonna hit the velocity diet to get sub-10% BF (hopefully) and start again from there. In my opinion this would be a good idea for you too mate. Good luck, keep us posted.

Well, first question should be how strong are you? I’ll go off the assumption that you are not strong enough. You should concentrate on eating a boatload of CLEAN calories and improving your strength. That should mainly be accomplished using the westside for skinny bastards template.

In the process of improving your strength and eating a boatload of clean calories, you will put on muscle, with very little fat gain. If then at the 5 month mark you decide that you have the visceral urge to cut, then do it. But at that point I doubt you will. PM me if you have questions.

How long have you been training for? What’s your diet look like?

If you are relitively new to this, then your goals are not too lofty. If your diet is poor and you haven’t been training for that long, you could easily accomplish this change simply by eating 5-6 clean meals throughout the day coupled with a sensible training program. As a newb, you could easily gain muscle while losing the same amount of fat.

If you’ve been training for a while, then this may take a little longer. You would need to decide whether you wanted to bulk first and then cut, or vice versa. If you are uncomfortable at your present bodyfat, you could cut down to a comfortable point and then begin a clean bulk. If, however, you are comfortable with your BF then bulk first, and cut later. The added LBM will boost your metabolism and make the cut that much easier.

You should pick a solid program from one of the one’s on this site and do some HIIT training, incline walking, etc. to help with the fat loss.

There are a few too many unknowns for anyone to give you a lot of useful recommendations at this point.