My 5x5 for fat loss...please review

I’ve been doing 5x5 for fat loss on a four day split recently, but my schedule isn’t allowing it, so I want to make it work on a 3 day. I’ll be doing HIIT 2-3 days a week, with maybe a longer steady state day thrown in on Sunday. Diet is pretty much a Berardi-modified t-dawg, with a few more carbs to keep my sanity. Supps: MD6, Surge, 70 sprays Androsol AM only, creatine. Here’s what I’ve got lined up:

Monday: Incline Bench Dumbell Rows Chins Rack Pulls

Wednesday: Squats Abs Calves

Friday: Deads Dips Push Press

Thoughts? Thanks.

Ditch the rack pulls on Monday since you do Deads on Friday. Add in an oblique exercise like wood chops or side bends instead and you will be in good shape.

I wouldn’t have squats & deads only 2 days apart. Put one on monday & the other on friday.

I’m not really following your split/grouping…what is your reasoning behind this type of split?

Joel; I’m wanting to hit my major body parts at least once a week, with minimal repetition. The reason that I don’t switch Monday with Wednesday is that my lower body recovers faster than my upper body, so deads two days after squats is possible, but dips two days after bench would not be. I think I will lose the rack pulls as suggested, and also, I failed to mention, that most exercises will be done as supersets ie. bench w/ rows, deads w/ dips. Thanks.

If upper body recovery is an issue, I suggest that you give Chad Waterbury’s 100 reps per day protocol a try with your chest for a while. It should significantly decrease soreness after upper body workouts.