My 5 Minute Workout Log


This is my first post here. I thought I would start by posting videos of my current training sessions.

A very brief background to myself is as follows.
I am 48 years of age. First started lifting weights off and on when I was 21. I managed to compete in a few local shows about the age of 25- 28. To cut a long story short I eventually stopped training for 12 years and rejoined a gym again 1n 2003.

Although I was training I was eating too much food and I usually hover around the 20 stone mark.

Having decided to do something about it,mainly mindful of the fact I am getting older I started a personal experiment to see if I could get back in shape by training for only 5 minutes a week.

I wanted to achieve this by using no drugs( The last time I used steroids was 2005)
No food supplements( I do have a protein shake once a week after training)and basically challenge a lot of the currently accepted information on weight training and fat loss.

I started this routine 8 weeks ago. The first video was taken 5 weeks into the program, the second last Saturday 8 weeks into the program. I shall be filming every 3rd workout to make a total of 5 which will cover the whole 20 week period.

I have NOTHING to sell here or anywhere,so I hope you will view the videos objectively.


PS My target repetitions per exercise is 5 then I increase the weight next time. I started the program weighing 278lbs.In the first video I am 258lbs and the second video 250lbs