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My 5/3/1 Plan

Short legs long thorso

Main lifts:
130kg squat
120kg deadlift ( weakness)
110kg bench press
70kg shoulder press

How is my program?
Think i will do 2 weeks 3x5 and 2 weeks 3x3 and then 5/3/1 or 3x1 .? Dont know
Squat 5x10
SL deadlift 4x8
Goodmorning 4x8
Grip x
Ab-wheel 5x10

Shoulder Press 5/3/1
Benchpress 5x10
Chins 5x10
Sittande Roing 4x8
Biceps hammer 4x8
Triceps skullcrusher 4x8

Squat 5/31
Hiptrust 4x8
1 more excersise dont know what.
Grip strength training 3 set
Abs 5x10

Benchpress 5/3/1
Shoulder Press 5x10
Pullups 5x10
Standing barbbell row 4x8
Biceps 4x8
Triceps 4x8

Buy the book.

Don’t play with anything. It is written the way it is for a reason with countless success stories.

Buy the book and follow a given template. You seem to gravitate towards BBB.

No, you do not need more volume. Get rid of the fluff.

Buy the book.

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Your assistance work needs to have a purpose. When you say “I need another exercise but you don’t know what” we have to ask whether youre choosing based on need (addressing a weakness) or just making up the numbers.

Unless you’re advanced, you don’t need specialized programming and the advice above is great. If you are advanced, I’d say you’d know the answer to your question.

This is not good. There is a ton of useless exercises, redundant movements and odd rep ranges (why 4x8 on extensions? That makes no sense. 4x8-20 window is 10000000% times more believable.)

So my advice is trim the fat, do AT THE MOST 2 movements a day and 2 additional assistance exercises. No more. NONE. This will help you learn how to pick PRODUCTIVE movements. Also, I see no mention of any other facets of training that are as important as the template.

You WEAK SPOT is hardly a muscle - it is programming and balance. Fix it!

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You’ll go a long way with beyond. Just read the principles part with care.

For the winging scapulas - do twice as much pulling work to pushing work (reps, weight is not so important).

Gain weight - this helped me much.

Focus on doing after your main work some rehab-work, which directly hits your serratus-anterior and other weak muscles.

So: bench 5/3/1 ohp 5x10 chins 50 reps + band work for upper back could be an option.

PS. by the way. There is something terribly wrong with your DL. Try different stances and really focus on technique. Having a strong back is good focus, but build super strong posterior chain and abs.

These will take you a long way. It is basically impossible to have too strong middle torso and too strong glutes in the big lifts.

Beyond is fine.

don’t change 5/3/1. Ever. Follow the template.

As per above, do the BBB template. Your first three exercises are fine.
IE:Shoulder Press 5/3/1
Benchpress 5x10
Chins 3x10-12
Add band pull aparts everyday. Shoot for 100 reps.

Problem solved.

Yes, thats it.

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Like ever, ever.