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My 5/3/1 North of Vag Program - How's It Look?


I'm starting Wendler's 5/3/1, and I wanted to see what people thought about my choices.

I need to lose fat and get stronger. My squat is proportionally much weaker than my other lifts, so I wanted to focus my accessory work on that. Also, my power clean sucks.

Warmup: Jump rope, mobility work, practice power clean form and squat form.

Monday - Military Press (accessory work: Overhead Squats, Chinups)
Wednesday - Squats (accessory work: Good Mornings, Glute Ham Raises)
Thursday - Deadlift (accessory work: Power Cleans, Front Squats)
Saturday - Bench Press (accessory work: Dips, DB Rows)

Followed each day by 20 minutes of pushing the Prowler.

Cool down: Stretch

I know that's a lot of squatting, but I'll keep it pretty light in the accessory work. If I've got some extra energy (which I doubt will happen), I'll stretch and maybe work on some basic bodyweight skills on off days.

Am I overlooking anything here, or does that look pretty solid?


I'd ditch back to back leg days. Switch Deadlift and Bench Press day. Exercise selection looks good...just be honest with yourself week to week if it starts to feel like it's too much squatting and you should drop one of the accessory squats. Personally, I'd probably get one more upper body pull in there, but it's just preference. Are you doing any isolated core work?



Back to back leg days (unless you've done it before and know you can handle the volume) is probably not going to work out for you.

This is what I do.

Monday - International Bench Day
Tues - Front squats
Thurs - M Press
Fri - Deadlift

All with accessory work.

Why so many squats?