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My 5/3/1 Challenge Need a Help


I started this program with a balls to the wall additude. I like it alot. Only problem I am having is on bench day I started alittle lighter than I should have maybe.on my last set were you do as many as you can I can do 13 reps I think that is to much ,right. I could have maybe do a few more but stoped. Also on your ass. work how many sets and reps for them. Thanks Mike

Big Jim is the man and I love is F' it additude makes me want to lift more.


Which challenge are you referring to?


Mike 13 reps is fine. Just keep going as is. Jim has said 1000 times, "start too light". As your training max raises, your reps will decrease.


Did you hit 13 reps on a 5's week or a 1's week or what? What were the minimum reps for that weight?

Just some anecdotal advice from me:

I'm just now finishing up my 5th month since I started a fresh 5/3/1. In my first 1's week on bench, I got 8 reps. Just yesterday, in the fifth 1's week I've had since I started I hit my top bench set for 7 reps. The weight was 20lbs heavier.

Don't worry about starting too light. If you're still hitting 13 reps on your last set 6 months from now, you got a lot fucking stronger.


All right boys thats all good news I guess I should have loaded a little more info for ya'll. First week of 5/3/1 first bench day had one hell of a warm up prior to starting which was good. First week 65 75 85% my max starting working rep max was 250 . I can bench 300 for one rep after alittle warm up but after that I'm done lol. I have 3 goals in mine. I want 405 max bench , 495 max squat, 585 dead, and as much as I can on the standing press. I hope to get all this done by 2015. If I train as hard as I can do you think this is do able.


If you benched 500 for 13 reps, would you complain?


Nope dont guess I would Jim lol. I got one more thing to ask. Will it hurt anything if I miss one of my lift days if I put 2 of them together. I have 3 boys a wife and work all the time ,life gets in the way sometimes. This would not be a habit to get started, but this week I came up short one day because of work then peewee football practice.

I like the 4 day a week training schedule then at least 2 days for conditioning found me a big hill and ask the wifey for a prowler II for xmas. Thanks Big Jim for making me want to lift more and lose weight {fat} I have been watching all your you tube videos and learning alot. One thing I watched last night was doing shoulders it is very important never really pushed that subject but I will. Mike


Well just finished my first week of 5/3/1 and holy shit. Today was leg day and damnit I couldnt hardly get in the truck to drive home life is good. I just wish I had found this program along time ago. Thank you Jim Maybe one of this days i'll get to meet you and shake you hand to say thanks Mike


Nope combine deadlifts an OH press and bench with squat. Get the important shit done.. Something simple do your 5/3/1 for both lifts an 50 chins an be done.. Easy, in and out, affective . Just my opinion from experience . Keep grinding