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My 5/3/1 Beginner Routine

Hi,i am a beginner lifter I followed starting strength for 3 months and I stalled pretty bad.I decided to follow 531.My current routine is
•Squat 5s pro and 5x5 fsl/dips
•Bench 5s pro and 5x5 fsl/db rows for 10 reps
• Hanging leg raises/chins/low back

•Deadlift 5s pro and 5x5 fsl/dips
•OH Press 5s pro and 5x5 fsl/inverted rows for 10+reps
•Chins/abs/low back

•Bench Press 5s pro and 5x5 fsl /db rows
•Squats 5s pro and 5x5 fsl/dips or push ups
•chins/abs/low back

Agile 8 and jumps before lifting
This is my firs time running 531 and any suggestions or corrections would be much appreciated thanks

This looks close to Wendler’s recommended 5/3/1 for a Beginner (as on his blog Sep 07, 2011), except in Wendler’s version says the following:
“Assistance Work
Each day perform ONE exercise from each category listed below. Perform 50-100 total reps (do whatever sets you want to perform - that doesn’t matter) of each exercise. If you are too weak to get all the reps (chin-ups/pull-ups for example) then simply choose a SECOND movement to complete the total reps. This is incredibly simple to do.
The three categories to choose from are: push, pull and single leg/core…”

I am not sure if the assistance you have planned will fit that range of 50-100 reps per category. If so, it seems good to go. If not, you may want to adjust to that.

Many people find it useful to not plan the assistance in advance, but to instead decide during the workout. For instance, give yourself the flexibility to do tricep press downs if you are worn down, pushups if you are feeling good, and dips if you are feeling great. That is just something to consider.