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My 41 Years!


Bonjour tout le monde!

T-mag is the best of the web!

I stop training 1 month ago. Training is on and off during the year, never more than 3 or 4 times a weeks since the last few years , no more than 1 hr each time. No cardio, bullshit it is... and it's ruining articulations and precious time!

So for my 41 anniversary I took these pictures alone at home! last week. 170 lbs , 7 % bf


1) Do whatever bad in nutrition and training you want as soon as it's just less than 20% of your time! If your doing everything right 100% ...good, it will be better!

2)Forget to find the solution in supplements! You have to find it in your life style before. After the supplements will give you a fabulous kick for your $$$!

3) Carbs are not monsters! GRAINS ARE!!!!!!!!!!! And simples sugars! Real carbs are in vegetables, lots of them! less fruits. Milk? Raw is ok if you have it. Grains are responsible chimicaly of almost all the moderns deseases! Soy? ALERT!

4) Spike? MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ciao everybody!

Coach HArry :wink:


Wow! Coming from a 38 year old I must say BRAVO!!!


Great advices! It's what I tell people, too. Keep up the good work.


Hehe it's funny when you read it with the accent in your mind.

Grains are MONSTERS!!! What a champ.


You know when i'm listening to me in english i'm smiling too ;o) And girls find it usualy sexy but it's another story !!!



Monsieur Net you have a good physique. How much weight do you lift in your workouts?


You look like bruce willis... except about twice as jacked.


Mr Net, what do you mean by grains? Which foods? I'm guessing, bread, oatmeat, wheat germ etc?

En Fran?ais,

Qu'est-ce que vous voulez dire par "Grains"? Du gruau? du pain?



Yes and wheat is the worst of all! It's just about evolution, physiology and anthropology. I follow my clients with that for the last few years. It's difficult because we live in a bred society. Eating is a cultural and emotional thing! (Damned shit). Look at America!!! Grains it's wider that just grains... put in that class: simples sugars, grains,pasta, cereals, breds,soy, patato (react in body like grains). Everything playing with your insuline.

I'm happy to see that Berardi in his "No Nonsense Nutrition" DVD using this science. But Dr. Mercola put it on the map!

So after restoring your health you can put some grains back very slowly until symptoms start again. I'm eating almost nothing of that. I feel sleepy and bad when I eat grains. Meats and lots of vegetables...maybe about 1 pounds for every 50 pounds BW per day! Yep! It's not easy so there is "Green+" to help, but if your removing grains you will need the goods carbs of the vegetables. Don't forget the omega 3 oils, as the late Dan Duchesne (the steroids guru) used to put it on is 10 best supplements list many years ago.

It help for Cholesterol, arthrosis, diabet, etc... but you 'll have to be dedicated to see results. It took me 2 weeks to dump my ventolin pump and 90% amelioration of my 35 years sinus problems.I can't give you all the details here of the diet. I feel like on ephedra all the time, after meal too! I used to fall asleep everywhere after eating and in the morning since my high school years.

In my practice I try to put health with training. Sometime the information for bodybuilder as nothing to do with total health but more about just being muscular. It's a choice...not mine , nore my clients one. Thats why I stop training competitive bodybuilders many years ago. It's not healthy unless your a genetic freak. And who want to look great one day during the years? Not my clients... they want to be in a good healthy shape for every day of there short life in this planet. Ready for any kind of fun activities and having energy for working and family. I saw guys jeopardize theirs healths for a piece of woods and metal at a local contest with no money rewards... what the fuck is the meaning of that? Bodybuilding contest is not for everyone like NBA is not for 4 feets tall guys as hard as they want it! Maybe I think like that because i'm layze? BB competition is an X-treme activity who as nothing to do with health.

Esp?rant le tout a votre convenance cher compatriote!


Toutes les c?r?ales (farine,p?tes,c?r?ales etc...) surtout le bl?. Selon le type m?tabolique une certaine quantit? peut ?tre ajout?. MAis c'est une autre histoire. Les patates et les sucres simples peuvent s'inscrirent dans cette cat?gorie.

Tu peux me e-mailer en priv? ;o)