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My 405lbs Deadlift Vid


How was it? I think my form wasnt so good.
any input is appreciated! :slight_smile:



Your hips rise first, and yoour lower back isn't completely arched. Try sitting back even more when at the same time you pull the slack of the bar. Hope I helped


Yeah I agree.

Good weight though.

Have a look at this video to get some tips.




no offense mate, but that was horrible - what the hell was that warmup? treat every rep with respect and unless you're doing romanian deads or similar to pump your hams, reset the bar on the floor for every rep.

watch the above vid so much you see it under your eyelids. And learn the hip hinge - practise with KB swings. And ditch the straps


And don't do that row movement with your arms, lock the arms.


Yeah don't pull the bar with your arms unless you want a biceps tear. Arms should be pretty much just dangly hooks for the deadlift even though you should be gripping hard. All the advice above is good.


Thanks alot for advice guys! :slight_smile:


And lose the belt and straps, you're pulling 405 not 515


yeah, i wear the belt because i have this fear of intervertebral disc prolapse like what happened to my dad. :confused:


-but are you using the belt correctly? id clean up my form before wearing a belt


er?am i wearing it wrong? :confused: i definitely put the belt at the weakest area of the abs tho - lumbar


is it a straight leg or romanian? looks like youre trying to combine the two..
belt? come on man.. suck it up! haha, no need for a belt.


I think you need to stand much closer to the bar to begin with, the bar should basically travel up your legs. It looked like the bar was at least 6 inches from your legs the whole time.
I spent a lot of time watching mark rippetoe teaching the deadlift on YouTube and i feel that really helped me.
That 405 looked fairly comfortable though, keep up the good work.

Hope this helps.


Not sure why you guys are hating on the belt so much? I'm curious as to why you would think it is better to train without one? If you fill your belly full of air and push out against the belt at the bottom it makes you more stable and gives you a little something coming off the floor. Personally I would be hating on the straps more than the use of a belt. I use my belt for every rep of deadlifting...


well, kinda it seems..haha..
bout the belt..im scared about intervertebral disc rupture..u know..it can happen so easily. :frowning: