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My 405 Deadlift


Sorry that the video is so grainy. I just got done with a Squat workout and I didn't think I could get it but I had my brother get his camera just in case..

This is a 60lb PR, after 3 months of workout out using 5/3/1


Congrats man, the feeling of your first 400+ pull is absolutelly awesome.

Now go and get 500.


Looked EASY. I remember my first 405 lift...I felt on top of the world afterwords. Congrats.


I just pulled 405 for the first time last week. I knew forever I could get it, but hadn't DLed in months so decided to just go in one day and do it.
My goal is to pull 500 by Christmas. Hopefully you'll be pulling that around then also!


I am VERY impressed. THIS is what lifting is about. New PRs!

Stay strong!


405 is the first real milestone in deadlifting, it feels fantastic when you finally hit it. Congrats!


Once I was able to pick it up it was easier.. If you noticed I hit it with all I had and that bar flex and I had to stick with it to pick it up.

How do you work on the "Picking it up" part off the ground. It just feels like it is weilded to the ground and I would love w/e advice on what things I can do to help me with that point

I appreciate all the comments guys, watching people do this and wondering why I couldn't was really pissing me off.



Hey man great job. I remember my first 400+ it was awesome but it will be even sweeter when you get 500. My first 500 came 3.5 years into my powerlifting training. Keep up the good work man.


Looked really easy. Saw this in the related videos. Also very impressive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdjrLlNKAvM&NR=1 (for a girl!!!)


LOL yeah I saw that as soon as I was watching my 405 deadlift, then it linked to a female.. made me feel pretty sad


Lol that video was funny.

"Oh easy what the hell"

"Oh fuck!"


Congrats! thats great, 5/3/1 seems to be doing great things (upped my deadlift quite a bit too). 405 is a big one, congrats, chase 5 plates!


Good job bud! Keep it up!


Nice job.


Ditto. Just started my third week of 5/3/1, really liking it.


Way to go man! As mentioned above, 405 is a big milestone in the deadlift. Keep it up!

As far as strength off the floor goes, here is a link to a post by a guy named Matt Kroczaleski over at elitefts. He is a very strong dude and knows a thing or two about pulling:



I appreciate all the help..

Next goal, 410 (:


Girl deadlifting 405? pfft. I have seen a video of a 17 year old girl deadlifting 405 for 5


Good for her, that's not an easy feat


Congrats on the lift, that is my biggest goal I want to hit. On to bigger and better things!