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My 4 Lifts (Videos)


I've been posting a lot, and doing my best to help out but it's difficult for people to trust me when they haven't even seen my lifts. These numbers simply don't matter to me as I'm traing to go 600-405-700 in competition.

I'm going to post my vids, then give a little write up about what I think is going on, but all advice is appreciated as well as encouraged.

Back squat 525

Good lift, not crazy depth, but not the best camera angle to show it. I come out of the hole well due to my strong quads, but have to grind the crap out of it due to my weak glutes and hams. Right now I'm doing good mornings and hyper extensions as well as banded good mornings at home during the day to bring these up. I do hyperextensions everyday as part of my warm up, and they help to keep the hips good.

Bench 365

it is what it is, I've since done 375 and I'm getting closer to 405 everyday. I tore both of my pecs a few months ago, not the tendons but the muscles themselves, the right had a small palm sized bruise, but the left was the entire pec and I had to take a few months off benching.. kept pressing tho. My arch looks pretty crappy here, and I've been doing my best to get a bigger chest on my set ups.

deadlift 585

this lift was ok, not good. I have a really good start off the ground as i'm quad dominant, but the shaking is a good indication of weak hamstrings and glutes, as well as trying to use my quads to lock it out. In this one I'm using a rounded back style as I have short legs and short arms and a long torso, the worst pulling combo you can have, so I shorten my back by rounding. When I practice right now I work on pulling my shoulders back before each lift.

Front squat 405x3

these are pretty good but looked a little high, I have other videos where they look to depth, but i don't really care as there's no depth call on front squats, lol. I use them to train my quads.

Once again, all advice is welcome. I'm currently running sheiko, so i'm more looking for assistance exercises that could help me out.


You around 200lbs?

Also, when you squat, do you think about pushing your butt back first and then dropping down, or do you just sort of go straight down?


Great lifts, man -- really enviable form and execution. I've been impressed by the advice that you've given here and it's good to "put a face to the name", so to say.

You're in Canada, right? Whereabouts? I grew up in Ottawa.


I'm in awe of anyone who can simply pick up a heavy weight in the front squat position like it's nothing. That's one lift I never got used to.


I sit between my knees, the only problem with pushing your butt back when you squat is you take the quads out of the equation for when you get to and below parallel, and that's where the quads have the most demand on them, so if you sit back, you don't get out of the hole.

I was about 230 in these videos, sitting about 223-225 right now, working to get back up to 240ish


I live in Ottawa actually and train at the Merivale YMCA, where are you now?

And thanks for the props on the vids, it's all about 600-405-700 though, lol.


Thanks dude, it's nothing once you get the hang of it, I almost prefer front squats to back squats as I'm very quad dominant, my max is 445.


Ha! Crazy, I went to high school around the corner and we "trained" there in OAC gym class. Nice. I've not lived in Ottawa for several years now, living in Dusseldorf, Germany. Would like to compete here next year, but the powerlifting scene in the area is tiny and you usually need to be signed up with an athletic association first, which can sometimes prove difficult.

At any rate keep on posting your great videos and repping the Merivale Mall!


Nice lifts! I know you describe yourself as long upper body and short femurs but after watching your front squat video (impressive!), you look like you have longer legs and shorter torso. And that makes squats even harder! This is the build I have and my body has a hard time "folding up".


Thanks man, I'll keep the Y under control.

Best of luck with powerlifting, I don't know what I'd do without this sport.


My legs aren't crazy short, but I'm 6'1 and a 30 inch inseam fits me perfectly... maybe 32... my torso is so long a lot of shirts don't fit me and buying clothes can be a real bitch.

Long legs short torso takes crazy flexible ankles to pull off, if you're ever interested post a video of your form and I'd definitely have a look for improvements.



Yes it does. And it surprised me that Ronnie Coleman could squat as heavy and with such an upright torso. He had long legs and short torso. I do find front squats suit that build better than back squats. Once again, strong lifts!


thanks man


Nice lifts mate, as mentioned by kgildner its nice to put a name to a face.

Look forward to seeing you hit those numbers.


It's all I think about man, besides my regular life... but everything I do diet wise, training wise, recovery wise is all aimed at hitting those numbers, I really want to go back into strongman and weightlifting, but I simply cannot allow myself to deviate from my plan until I hit these numbers. I've deviated before and tried to do too many things at once and it didn't work out so well.

I'm looking forward to seeing you back squat 405 man, I know you have that in you


Good to see such single mindedness towards a goal, it will be a great day when that goal is met.

Give me a bit of time to play catch up and we'll see how it progresses.


I'm not going anywhere, so as long as you keep training I'll be arond to lend some support as long as you want it.


Those are terrible angles to judge depth from, and you wearing all black doesn't help. I guess you'll find out if you're to depth in competition, because I for one cannot tell whatsoever. I don't know if you do any paused benching in training, but I always think that it's a good idea.

I have no idea how you can pull with such a wide grip, though. I feel so weak when I take my grip out wider. I also don't see why you would want to have your upper back arched while pulling.


I'm 90% sure my depth is good, I take videos most training days, but I've had big time problems in the past so I keep on top of it.

I do paused benching here and there, usually for the first rep of doubles and triples. But I rarely go for a bench PR at a meet, I just use that lift to go 3/3 and build my total, but it's also probablby because I don't pause enough, lol.

thanks for the feedback man, appreciated.


Those are some awesome goals. I hope to see you hit them sooner rather than later.

Every thread I read now seems to be filled with good advice from you, so thanks for that.