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My 4 Day Layer Split. Too Much Additional Work?


I’m getting back into it again after a 2 month layoff-bad ankle injury. I’m planning on running this 4x per week (starting tonight) for 6-8 weeks. Additionally, I’ll be doing 150 reps nightly until 2/1 of Reverse self flys (light) as well as wrist rollers and hand grippers (4x6/15).
Curious as to if this is too much work for me as coach has mentioned guys can burn them out with additional work. Too much? Too Little? Let me know and thanks!!

Day 1-
Layer 1: SGHP
Layer 2: Preacher Curls -hoping to superset (?)
Additional work : Farmers Walk and Zercher Super set: 4-5 sets of heavy and walking 100-150ft

Day 2-
Layer FSQ:
Additional work: HEAVY lockout from pins 3x6-8
Additional work: Sled Drag-Heavy 4-5 sets of 10-150ft
Finisher: One set of Triceps Extension Multi-hold pump set

Day 3-
Layer-Reverse Bench
Additional Work: Heacy Floor Press 3x6-8
Additional Work: HEAVY OH Walk 4-5 sets at 100-150 FT
Finisher: Cuban Press

Day 4-
Additional Work: HEAVY Power Clean 3x6-8
Additional Work : HEAVY Skull Crusher 3x6-8
Finisher: One set of Triceps Extension Multi-hold pump set

Bueller, Bueller?

Just opinions:

Too many reps and too much frequency on the reverse flies. Don’t inflame those poor little muscles. There are tons of upper back moves. Rotate to prevent problems.

Too much frequency on grippers. Once or twice per week is plenty. Don’t blow up your poor hands. There are tons of grip builders. Try a bunch for the strongest grip.

That’s even a lot of wrist roller. It can be like nice recovery for your forearms to roll for a nice pump if you’re doing lots of grip stuff. But I think every day is a little much.

Got it! How about the other stuff outside of the daily stuff?

The heavy work after the layers on day 2 and 3 directly conflict with your ability to go heavy on those movements. I would move them around as a way to increase the frequency of the movement.

Heavy skull crushers are bad enough, but HEAVY skull crushers are definetly not great for elbows.

8 reps is pretty high reps per set for power cleans. Heavy sets of 8 sounds Like trouble.

10 feet is super short for a sled drag. 150 feet is super long for an Heavy overhead walk. Additionally, I don’t know how much Heavy farmers/zerchers/overhead carries you want to jump right into coming off an ankle injury.

Basically man, what you’ve layed out has lots of problems. I would just run the Layers for awhile. Maybe add on 1 or 2 little nightly workouts per week.

Experience that for awhile. In the future you can try out other stuff. Right now, it looks like you’re trying to take on way too much at once.

I know it sucks to be injured and miss time in the gym. But can’t make up for bit by doing 3x the workload for a month. You should have been doing Something during that injury lay off! Your plan kinda looks like a training routine to produce more injuries.