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My 4/29 Fight


Hello, T-Nation! I had another MMA victory on April 29th. I'll put up some pictures for your viewing pleasure...




and another...


u the guy getting the shit breaten out of him...lol, jp

nice i respect all fighters


in the middle picture i am...i don't remember the second round...


Dude, definitly post the rest... those are some kick ass pictures. No pun intended.

Sweet job with another W, by the way.


Nice man, judging by the pics that guy doesn't look like no slouch either....

Keep that chin down in that second pic...:wink:


Were you fighting at the Combat Sports Challenge in Richmond, or at the Reality Fighting thing in NJ?


Big ups on the win. Good luck on your next fight. If you dont mind me asking, whats your record? Also are your fights taped where you could give us a link to watch them on?

Stay strong,


Congrats, man. If you don't mind, could you give us a little mini-bio, with your record and fighting background?


Great job dude. Did you finish that choke in the third picture? You can tell from the second shot that the other guy was in shape and definitely game. Good work.

I agree that a mini-bio would be cool.


i was fighting in the Reality Fighting show. oddly enough, i have fought for the CSC before.


he is trying to hit ME in the second pic. i'm the one on the right. i thought i'd be fair and include some pics of him beating me up too.


ok, mini-bio it is...
my name is Josh Lydell, I fight out of western NY. my team is team Invicta, and I typically compete at 170lbs (no laughing). before mma, i did quite a bit of sport grappling and I believe I was 18-2. started the transition into mma by doing a pankration event (strikes below the head only), and I went 2-0 in that. did one amateur fight. the matchmaker for the UFC was there to scout my opponent. so when I won, he helped me get into some pro shows. current mma record stands at 3-0. my next fight is scheduled for june 17th against Alex Karalexis from the 1st season of the ultimate fighter.


another pic, as requested...


Cool pics, man and thanks for the bio. So, you're fighting Karalexis from the Ultimate Fighter? I'm sure you know that the guy is all stand-up. If you can take him off his feet you should be able to submit or G&P him.

I have a lot of respect for anyone that gets into a cage/ring and fights MMA. I only train MMA-style and I know how demanding that is.

Good luck and keep us updated.


so how many more do i have to win before bio-test sponsors me?


Probably when you beat Penn, Hughes, or GSP.


Thanks for the record & bio. Good luck June 17th and keep us posted on whats going on if you will, thanks.



you guys would love my instructor. he's in my next post.