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My 3rd Cycle. Dilemma - What to Use?

First of all hello to everyone this is my first topic.
I ve been reading a lot and searching about cycles and i’ve done a couple cycles my self.
This is the first time i registered to a forum because im in a dilemma about my next cycle.
Ill go ahead and tell you i was sure about what cycle i was gonna do (sust + eq + dbol) but then suddenly (lol) i got from my “friend” some gear more.
I got my hands on sust , eq , winstrol , dbol and masteron. I would go with a standard cycle but i would like to ask you guys how i could choose from these 5.
My goal is maximum muscle gain without having any issue to gain fat as well.
Bf is about 15%
Im working out about 10 years now.
I got everything needed for pct etc.

Thx in advamce guys!