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My 3 Year Journey on TRT

Hi all,

Below is my 3 year journey on TRT. My issues began 3 years ago with (with energy, low libido, erectile difficulties). Went to my PCP and my total testosterone results came back in the low 200’s. I was 47 when it began.

I start off using the testosterone gel(on both arms once a day) and it worked great. My quarterly total testosterone readings jumped up to 1100-1200 on a quarterly basis. My doctor said he normally doesn’t see it this high on his patients who take the gel. The only side effect I had was severe acne. I also take Anastrozole/Arimedex(1/2 a tablet a week) to maintain estrogen levels.

Unfortunately, while I felt great, acne “ravaged” my arms(lots of scaring) for 2 years and I decided to use a TRT specialist/urologist and we switched to injectible *Testosterone Cypionate. The transition from testosterone gel to injectible *Testosterone Cypionate was horrible. Felt bad for weeks. I was initially taking 0.4 ML 200MG Testosterone Cypionate twice a week as prescribed… It took several weeks for my body to get adjusted and things definitely improved once I upped the dosage(on my own) to 0.5ml twice a week. So I have been takin 0.5ml twice a week for about 2 years now.

I still get acne but not as much as compared to when I was using the gel… My total testosterone readings now are around the same as when I was on the gel(around 1100 to 1200 total testosterone). I “tried” dropping back down to the original prescription of 0.4ML of Testosterone Cypionate. However, I felt really awful. I guess my body got used to the higher dosage. So I went back to 0.5ml and I felt fine after.

I eventually went to the Dermotologist who prescribed Doxycycline Hyclate which after a couple of weeks stopped any new acne for which I was happy for since it was the first time in 3 years, I didn’t have any new acne pimples.

So my question is, how does my dosage compares to the regimen you all are taking. And also, did you also have acne issues when you starting taking testosterone gel or injections?

BTW, my other lab TRT results have been good and stable all along. No major concerns for the specialist.

Pretty in line with usual doses, 100-200mg weekly is fairly standard around here