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My 3 Week Cycle


Support Supplement List:

Milk Thistle - 1200mg
Creatine - 7g
Tribulus Terrestus - 2g
fish oil - 6g
flax oil - 5g

I’ve been eating about 4000 calories daily for what feels like forever. Its enuf to be considered bulking at my weight, so I’m just gonna continue at that ammount for the cycle.

Beginning weight - 173.5 August 10th.

At 10mg each morning, I felt no gains, on the scale or in the gym. I continued at that dose for 6 days, then up’d it to 20mg each morning for 3 days, but also felt no gains, so I up’ed it to 30mg.

I took 20mg in the morning and 10mg 8-10 hours later. The following day was Chest day and when I get in there I can lift atleast 20lb more then I normally do and have a great workout. This goes on for every workout, adding a couple small plates to every lift and lots of energy. I normally have lots of energy, but even more then usual.

I continue at 30mg for 11days. I actually planned to keep going about 4-5weeks and up’ing to 40mg daily after a few more days, but on the 20th day I had a leg workout, which I was partially looking forward to, Hoping to get a new PR. I do my warmup, I do a couple sets with 135, then I load on 225 and after 3 reps my lower back just couldnt handle anymore. That dreaded back pump this stuff gives you is killer. When I reracked the weight I felt something happen in my back that just didnt feel right at all. I actually winced pretty bad.

The back pumps were getting worse daily so I just decided to end the cycle early.

At this point I’m around 180, up about 20-30 pounds on my big lifts, and in pain anytime I do squats, I’m not even considering Deadlifts till I can atleast do squats.

It’s now more then a week after I stopped and still cant get a good squat workout in without my lower back hurting so bad I have to quit before I get to my good working weight.

To make things worse, for my PCT I had Nolvadex planned out, but it caused really bad shaking, like I was freezing cold, for atleast a couple hours and I was getting a little sweaty with a wierd pain under my left oblique area. I responded so badly to the stuff that I figured it would just be better for me to not use it.

Also after about a week on, I felt like I had increased hair loss, I’ve been thinning for a few years now, but It just seems to me that its thinned a lot for only 4weeks.

this last week off, all of my workouts kinda suck, I dont even have enough in me to do ABBH1. I’m not even gonna talk about 10x3 deadlift day.

Whats with these back pumps? Can anyone give any scientific reasoning to explain this? I cant even think of one good reason why this drug would cause my erectors/lower back to hurt.

It’s now september 5th, and my results from the 3week cycle (and the week of PCT so far) are:

-up to 182lb, roughy 9lb gain.
-all lifts up a bit

-Lower back pain (whens this shit go away?)
-Increased hair loss
-PCT sucks, no workout intensity, feel like shit most of the time, where the hell my sex drive go? I can’t remember the last time I got a hard-on. Oh yeah, im 22 years old…

I still have half the bottle left sitting in my freezer, probably for a loooong time. I understand a lot more clearly why everyone’s always preaching to wait until you’ve maxed your genetics before using steroid type products. I really feel like the gains I made while on could have been gotten naturally with maybe another 3-4 months.

I wish I had not used this stuff, I feel the Con’s heavily outweight the Pro’s and I was happy with my progress naturally. I learned a lot about my body from this though, I learned I never wanna use steroids, my body just doesnt react well to this stuff. I also learned that I shouldn’t jump into something like this, I thought because it’s over the counter that it wouldn’t fuk me up, but I definately feel “changed”. Maybe with a few months I’ll feel normal again, but right now I just feel like slightly heavier shit.

what were you using?